Executive Committee

(1 Year Term)

Corporate Board

(3 Year Term)

Don Cappelli


Bob McCarthy


Judy Loose


(term ends 2019)

Michael Cole


Geneva Kelly


Larry Stiles


(term ends 2018)

Irene Smith


Barbara Taylor Sanders


Tim Jacobs


(term ends 2017)

Gary McLouth

Special Projects

Jennifer Fitzgerald


Pat Janda


(term ends 2018)

Our Volunteers are how we operate

Being on the Board or Executive Committee is extremely important to our association. Since we are a volunteer based, 501c3, the only way we can maintain the operation is through our member’s continuous donation of time.

We realize not everyone can give in this way all the time, and thus we have one-year terms for most of our chairs. The Board meets four times per year outside of our general meetings, and the Executive Committee meets eleven times. Giving of just one year is all that is asked, and who knows, you may find you enjoy it and want to offer more.

So you can see what each chair’s responsibilities are, we have a brief description of each. If you find interest in one of them, please inquire with the current chair about a more detailed breakdown of the duties, and we will gladly add you to the rotation for the next vote. Each term begins on April 1st.

Board Director

coming soon…

Remaining Board

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EC President

The GCWA President represents the organization and its activities throughout the SW Florida region. Soliciting opportunities to represent the organization before academic and civic audiences, and continually explores opportunities for GCWA involvement the full range of editorial, writing and marketing activities.
Within the operation of the GCWA, the President leads the Executive Committee by setting high standards for the performance of all the officers of the Executive Committee. The President sets agendas for each EC meeting, and he/she presides at each meeting. The President sets the agenda for the GCWA Program meeting and presides at that meeting.
The President meets with various members of the EC and the Corporate Board as appropriate and maintains communications with community venues and vendors as needed.
The President is an ad hoc member of all committees created by the GCWA and can be held ultimately responsible by the Corporate Board and the membership for the activities of said committee.
The President may choose to communicate with the membership via electronically delivered letters, telephone calls and personal visitations as appropriate.
The President needs to be familiar with all activities of the GCWA and be able to serve any of them as needed and appropriate.
The President should enjoy the job and share the joy with others.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all financial accounts both at the bank and on Paypal, and reporting monthly to the Executive Committee and to the general members.
The Treasurer is also responsible to create the projected budget for each fiscal year with the input of the Executive Committee and based upon historical budgets.
They will pay all invoices billed to GCWA as approved by the EC, and accept all payments made to GCWA.


The secretary is responsible for taking notes at all meetings of the Executive Committee and at General Program meetings. They must notate all executive decisions in the proper procedure.
Each meeting is then relayed to the EC for approval and once approved is then sent to the Webmaster to be added to the website.


The Programs chair is responsible for finding and securing speakers or developing a program for each general meeting. They must keep within the budgeted finances for each year, with regard to paying speakers or any other expenses needed for the presentation at a general meeting.
They must relay the programs agenda to the Webmaster in a timely fashion so the website has at least three future months at any given time.


Membership is responsible for incoming members, getting their dues to the Treasurer and giving them the correct information so they can be added to the newsletter and the website.
They must maintain records of current members and their respective payments. They also assist with sending out renewal notices at the end of the year, and sit at the door of general meetings to speak with guests about becoming members.


The Vice President for Communications provides oversight for all GCWA publications, while managing the Public Service Announcements and classified notices of GCWA scheduled presentations. Media outlets, public and private, are specific targets for GCWA publication and program placement. The VPC will coordinate these activities with the webmaster and be responsible for maintaining the quality, integrity and flow of all GCWA internal and external communications.

Special Events

Special events chair is responsible for organizing events other than the general meeting, such as educational workshops and retreats. They can organize a sub committee at the approval of the EC and must forecast and request funds from the Special Events budget.


The Webmaster is the only paid position on the Executive Committee, and thus is not eligible for any of the VP positions.
Responsibilities include all maintenance on the website, ensuring no broken links and all updates are performed. Keeping the hosting and domain registration current, and facilitating emails for Board & EC.
Keep all information on the website up to date regarding upcoming meetings and speakers. Posts, new members, and member books or other writings need to be added as they are received.
Since our website went to a WordPress driven site in 2015, it is no longer a necessity for the Webmaster to have a full understanding of coding and site building.