We’d be honored to have you with us for the 2018 edition of the Grand
Prix of Literary Associations.

We can summarize the regulations of the Grand Prix of Literary
Associations in a few words: like all the other literary prizes, there
are books and a Jury. With the difference that in the case of the
GPLA, books are proposed to the Jury by literary associations, clubs
of literature or other similar groups.

That’s the reason why we often say that, for an author to have his
book selected for the GPLA is already like having won an award,
because the association which proposes the work to the GPLA Jury thus
honors the writer with a mark of recognition.

Thus, if you are an author, you should request the recommendation or
at least the endorsement of a literary group for your book to be
registered among the selected ones of the GPLA 2018; and if you are an
association, you have the opportunity to participate in the
competition by presenting two books, which you consider worthy of
interest, provided that they should have been published in the
eighteen months preceding the official launch of the contest.

You can in fact propose a book in the Research category, open to
essays and other research documents, and another one in the
Belles-Lettres category, reserved for the novel, poetry, drama.

For more information contact gpalprix@gmail.com

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