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Since 1979, Bob has been a professional writer, editor and producer in both freelance and corporate positions. He has written video scripts for marketing and training along with numerous collateral materials. He also creates content for web sites and social media. Bob has been published in regional, national and international magazines. He also served as the editor for a business-to-business publication.

Bob has an M.A. from Arizona State University and a B.A. from Western New England University. His e-book on social media, Collaborative Blogging: A Team Approach to Social Media in 6 Easy Steps, is available on Amazon.

Bob has written video scripts, press releases, collateral materials and more. To learn more about his services visit his LinkedIn profile at:

Below are a few of the clients Bob helped:

Bob McCarthy’s books

4 Responses to “Bob McCarthy”

  1. Larry Denise


    My name is Larry Denise, an academic consultant. I have a speech

    distorting condition called Apraxia. I got your contact details online

    and I need your service. Can you write an article on a specific topic

    for an upcoming workshop? The article is to be given as a handbook to

    the attendees of the workshop. I have a title for the article and have

    drafted an outline to guide you. Please get back to me for more


    Larry Denise

  2. Pauline Hayton

    Hi Bob,
    As well as being a member of GCWA, I am also a member of Marco island Writers. I thought Eric Simmons presentation today was great. Do you have his contact info so I can try and book him as a speaker for Marco island Writers?

  3. Pauline Hayton

    Hi Bob,
    I am turning some of my work into podcasts. If you think this would be an interesting topic for a GCWA meeting, the lady i am working with is Rebeca Seitz. She gave a successful talk recently to Marco island Writers.
    Her contact info is:


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