2010/8 — Richard Georgian

Richard GeorgianAugust 2010

Dear Members:

Is it back to school already? But then, most of us have learned that school is never out, it’s a continuous learning process. What’s a better way to learn than to join your fellow writers at our monthly meetings? Okay, I admit, I slipped in another commercial for GCWA, it’s my job! (That is my one exclamation point for the year) Did I get all those apostrophes right?

Speaking of learning, Robert N. Macomber a dynamic personality with an interesting background enlightened us at the July meeting. He shared with us his process of storyboarding the timeline, locations, word counts, geography, and categories of people in each of his novels. He reminded us to write every day, salt the story with vivid descriptors, and more important don’t use over-editing as a “crutch” to never finish the project. He recommended the first time author limit their manuscript to 98,000 words, as most publishers won’t risk publication of a larger book on a new author.

We have another treat for our members in the person of Felice Gerwitz, President of Media Angels, Inc. a publishing company and home of quality non-fiction books for the Christian market. Felice is a creative, energetic, outside-of-the-box thinker. Her topic is “Book Marketing for the New-Internet Crazed Age.” The old rules of book marketing are out and the new are in, or so the internet marketing gurus would lead you to believe. After joining several costly webinars, joining monthly membership groups and testing the market, Felice found they are correct to a degree. In this educational seminar you will learn how all the pieces must be available for internet marketing to work. She will share her fast-track education with you and explain why hit-and-miss marketing techniques don’t work, and what will give positive results.

News Flash…The Sanibel Captiva Review is preparing to publish Volume V, and welcomes submission of work for possible inclusion. The deadline is October 1, 2010. Your submissions can be any length up to 2,500 words. Please e-mail your work to sancapreview@gmail.com in either Microsoft Word (.doc) format of Rich Text (.rtf) format. See our Web site for more details.

Hope to see you all Saturday, August 21 for our next meeting, and keep on writing.

Richard Georgian

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