2011/1 — Richard Georgian

January 2011

Dear Members:

I want to talk about money: my money, your money, our money. Now, if you think this is about your annual dues, it’s not. I would like to get a panel together of published authors and have a discussion about the finances of publishing your book. What are the up-front costs, printing, marketing, overhead, shipping and handling? How do you figure your profit/loss? How deeply can you discount and still come out ahead? What are the tax liabilities? And, to make matters more complicated I want your help before the January meeting. Anyone out there want to help work on this, contact me, NOW.

Want some cash, get those fingers to work and produce that masterpiece that will win our writing contest. Remember you can submit as many works as you want. The contest closes on January 31, 2011. The details are on our Website under News – Writing Contest. Please remember to submit three copies of your literary works.

Our speaker for the January 15th meeting is still up in the air. We have several persons on tap, but with the holidays it has been difficult to pin them down. We have two agents and a Certified Public Accountant that we have invited. I will send out a special notice when we have our speaker locked in, and it will be on our website. Not to worry, we will have an exciting and informative meeting.

The nominating committee wanted me to remind everyone that they are looking for volunteers for the executive board: president and special projects. Please contact Tim Jacobs if you feel the urge to help our association with your talents. Contact tjacobs@patriotsar.com

The theme of this letter seems to be money, so let me remind you that your dues are due between January and the end of March. The executive board reduced the annual fee to $25 per member and also established a family fee of $35 for members living in the same household. Our annual meeting is March 26th the last Saturday of the month, since many members will be attending the Lee County Reading Festival (we have ordered two tables this year).

I do have a sad note to end on. I’m not sure if you know that Fanci Shipp had a stroke about ten days before Christmas. She’s home now, but having speech therapy and occupational therapy three times a week. Her ability to read was hampered, but they’re hoping that with therapy, other parts of the brain will make up the difference. She isn’t allowed to drive (or capable), so with Lew’s blindness, they’re rather in a pickle. They’re receiving Meals-On-Wheels every day, and that’s a big help, but right now, Fanci is unable to be Lew’s “seeing-eye person.”

Richard Georgian

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