We are looking for interested female writers to write stories for our flag football magazine called: Forward Pass Magazine.

We are a female sports organization that is international, who travels around the world to teach girls and women how to play flag football and we feel we have great stories to share with the public, but we lack writers.

We also would like to find stories that are related to girls and women that are not necessarily sports related but feminist related.

Our organization : International Women’s Flag Football Association, uses flag football to empower females. We have traveled to many countries around the world introducing this and last year I myself went to India to train the Indian women and women from Afghanistan. Today the Afghanistan women are coaching girls flag football in Afghanistan.

Here are some past issues of our Forward Pass Magazine to give you an idea of what we have done in the past. If you read the stories, most of them have been written by me and were not edited. We are looking to step up in the quality of stories for our next issue.


If interested please contact Diane Beruldsen,  president and the founder of the organization. iwffa@iwffa.com

RJNelson — Dirty Waters

Dirty Waters: Confessions of Chicago’s Last Harbor Boss

by R.J. Nelson

Dirty WatersIn 1987, the city of Chicago hired a former radical college chaplain to clean up rampant corruption on the waterfront. R. J. Nelson thought he was used to the darker side of the law—he had been followed by federal agents and wiretapped due to his antiwar stances in the sixties—but nothing could prepare him for the wretched bog that constituted the world of a Harbor Boss.

Director of Harbors and Marine Services was a position so mired in corruption that its previous four directors ended up in federal prison. Nelson inherited angry constituents, prying journalists, shell-shocked employees, and a tobacco-stained office still bearing a busted door that had been smashed in by the FBI. Undeterred, Nelson made it his personal mission to become a “pneumacrat,” a public servant who, for the common good, always follows the spirit—if not always the letter—of the law.

Dirty Waters is a wry, no-holds-barred memoir of Nelson’s time controlling some of the city’s most beautiful spots while facing some of its ugliest traditions. A guide like no other, Nelson takes us through Chicago’s beloved “blue spaces” and deep into the city’s political morass. He reveals the different moralities underlining three mayoral administrations, from Harold Washington to Richard M. Daley, and navigates us through the gritty mechanisms of the Chicago machine. He also deciphers the sometimes insular world of boaters and their fraught relationship with their land-based neighbors.

Ultimately, Dirty Waters is a tale of morality, of what it takes to be a force for good in the world and what struggles come from trying to stay ethically afloat in a sea of corruption.

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Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson

R.J. Nelson (Bob) has published DIRTY WATERS: CONFESSIONS OF CHICAGO’S LAST HARBOR BOSS, University of Chicago Press, 2016, the story of corruption in Chicago’s harbors and government (his last 4 predecessors went to federal prison).

He also has published poetry and stories in various anthologies. Currently his poems appear monthly in The Whiskey Creek News of Ft. Myers—except in the summer months.

He received first prize in the 2019 GCWA writing contest for his non-fiction story, “Unvarnished Truth.” He has finished his second book, STONY ISLAND, from which “Unvarnished Truth” is taken.
He is an honorary member of the Society of Midland Authors.
B.A. degree in English from Ohio Wesleyan, M.Div. from Colgate Rochester Divinity School. He was a chaplain at Cornell University, Administrative Director of Court Theatre at the Univ. of Chicago, President of the Yacht Sales division of Grebe Shipyard in Chicago, Director of Harbors for the City of Chicago, CEO of the Hammond Indiana Port Authority where he retired in 2005.
Bob is addicted to sailing having sailed across the Atlantic with two biddies following the route taken by Columbus on his first voyage, also from Newfoundland to the Arctic Circle and  throughout the Caribbean, and all the Great Lakes.

Ruth Klingenberger

Ruth Klingenberger

Ruth Klingenberger is a writer of Christian fiction and devotional thoughts. A life-long reader, she has been following the careers of many authors for inspiration in the craft. Because of her love for books, she served as a Trustee on the Board of a New York library, and held the post of Board Secretary. Additionally, she has read on Radio Reading Services in several states for the visually challenged. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

Ruth is a retired Registered Nurse, but maintains her current licensure for volunteer opportunities. She and her husband live in Fort Myers but travel to keep up with children and grandchildren spread across the U.S.A.


2019 PoetryFest on WGCU, 90.1 FM, Gulf Coast Live Thursday, April 4, 1:00

The 2019 PoetryFest was featured on 90.1 FM WGCU’s Gulf Coast Live, Thursday, April 4 at 1:00 PM. Poets Joe Pacheco, Robert Hilliard and Dorothy Brooks recited their poetry and discussed the reasons for celebrating poetry as one of our greatest human treasures. Listeners were invited to call in to the station and ask questions of the poets.


Pen AmericaGrants & Fellowships

Since 1963, the PEN America Literary Awards, Grants, and Fellowships Program has honored many of the most outstanding voices in literature across diverse genres, including fiction, poetry, nonfiction, children’s literature, translation, and drama. With the help of our partners, PEN America confers distinct grants each year to support writers and works-in-progress in diverse genres including translation, YA and middle grade writing, and oral history. PEN America also offers a robust national program of fellowships for emerging writers and writing for justice. In addition, PEN America provides community engagement funding to Members, writers, and allies to support activity around press freedom defense, the intersections of literature and advocacy, and the defense of free expression more broadly.


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Patricia Wentling

Trish Wentling

I’m a graduate of Bryant & Stratton College at Buffalo, NY. I’ve worked for many years in the banking field in Retail Banking, Corporate Trust, and Personal Trust as an Administrative Assistant. I moved to Florida in 1982 and lived in Jacksonville, FL and years later, Central FL near Orlando. I began writing poetry seventeen years ago and children’s stories eight years ago. Now I concentrate mostly on writing children’s stories for picture books and chapter books.

I’ve published a poetry chapbook with Writer’s Ink Press (Daytona Beach) in 2013 titled, PRUNING. In 2016, I’ve published, LUCKY AND HAPPY, with Kids Imagination Train, an e-zine. In 2017, I’ve published, AN ELM LEAF FACES HIS FEAR, with Bumples Magazine. This year, LUCKY’S VIOLIN, will be published in the May/June issue of Kids Imagination Train, an e-zine.

I’m married to my husband, Stephen. We’ve retired to Fort Myers, FL in June 2018.

David Aiken

Because my father was a career Air Force officer, I grew up on or near to military bases nearly all of my life. We moved frequently, at least every two years. I went to school in Florida, Ohio, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Texas. After graduating from college, I joined the Air Force myself, and continued the  nomadic lifestyle for many years. I began writing before I had even completed officer candidate school.

My white paper on the role of the military in South American governments was selected to be read – by myself – in front of an audience composed of…South American colonels and generals. I was scared to death! I continued to write technical papers and documents, first for the Air Force, and later for my employers. My first adventure in non-fiction was an historical novel. This was followed by short stories, memoirs, and essays. Some have been published, most have not.

I am now retired and spend a great deal of my time writing, drawing from my many adventures and the places where I have lived.