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The Author’s Bakers-Dozen Marketing Points
By Jan Nieman

  1.  Always carry your book with you. Even at the gym, someone will ask, “What do you do?” and as you flash your book, you answer with your one minute elevator speech.
  2. Don’t become so flustered when speaking to a large group that you forget to mention your book’s title and pass out business cards.
  3. If a vendor fee is over $50, it’s probably not worth it – even some under $50 aren’t, but you never know.
  4. Be aware, that at bazaars you’ll be tempted by other vendor’s merchandise. Do not — I repeat — do not stroll around the room. Ten-to-one you’ll spend more than you receive.
  5. Always notice the exit door location and beat your audience to it after your program.
  6. Do not be waylaid by audience members asking for advice on how to market their book. Give them your card, ask them to phone, and again, get to that door!
  7. Outdoor events are:
    • Hard on tootsies. Do not wear flip-flops.
    • Windy. Bungee-cord your poster to the nearest telephone pole.
    • Sunny. Don’t forget the SPF 30.
    • Rainy. Wet books do not sell — Cancel!
  8. Retirement homes can be challenging. Ignore the resident poking her couch mate in the ribs and shouting “Emma, wake up!” Pack throat lozenges to ratchet up your speaking voice when a resident sets off the panic alarm.
  9. Do not ship twelve books without insuring them!
  10. The “Today Show” will not contact you unless you’re famous, notorious, or have a fool-proof method for losing 50 pounds in 4 weeks.
  11. When program directors, event planners, or book-store manages fail to return messages, don’t be discouraged. After a dozen calls, you’ll hear from them simply to get rid of you.
  12. Purchase a new scarf or tie every month to fool people into believing you have an extensive wardrobe and are successful (also hides neck wrinkles).
  13. When your optimism is at a low point, out of the blue, a reader will remark, “You’re a good writer. I really enjoyed your book and it sounds just like you speak,”and you arc left wondering how you “do” speak. Nuts! Consider it a compliment.

***Every day is a new day – learn from your experiences***

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Speaker: Brenda Spalding
Topic: How to Publish Children’s Books
March 19, 2022, 10 a.m. to Noon

brenda spalding

Location: Map
Word of Life Church
6111 South Pointe Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33919

Brenda Spalding will present what she has learned about creating and publishing children’s books.

Brenda is the founder and president of ABC-Books, Inc. a networking organization to help other self-published authors connect and share information. They are a 501c3 and promote literacy in the area.

Brenda is an award-winning author of many children’s and adult books. She is past president of the Sarasota Branch of the National League of American Pen Women, and a member of the Sisters in Crime, Sarasota Authors Connection, and the Florida Writers Association.

Xander Blue

xander blueMr. Blue is most recently from Vegas, and despite the rumors and photographic evidence, he did not work at Area 51 and has never met (several times) the aliens who reside there. Transition from desert to beach life has been a wonderful and welcome change for him. He finds that Krispy Kreme at dawn watching the waves meet the shore to be pretty inspiring.

Being a time traveler afforded Xander the opportunity to learn from various sources throughout multiple timelines. He has earned a couple degrees, and then there’s that Sumerian thing from 3142 BCE. It’s written in ancient Akkadian, and Mr. Blue just can’t figure out if it is a decree to vacate Sumer… or a degree. He would like to think it is the latter.

Creating / storytelling is something that just happens, Xander can’t stop it. He has been scribbling dialog and scenes in notebooks for many years. Many. It wasn’t until mid-1492 / early 2615 that he focused, allotted the time needed, and actually worked hard at finishing a book. His first novel, Whipping Up A New Past, was self-published thru Amazon in March, 2020.

Currently, Xander is working on two novels. The first is the tale of the daring-do of Janet, a futurepastian similar to Mr. Blue. She travels from the 23rd century to the American West of 1815 to live with a Native tribe. Some nights Xander just can’t sleep because he’s thinking about the trials Janet endures and the time traveling assassin that is plotting her demise.

The second is a romance based in 21st century Miami. It’s the typical modern Florida love story with murder, dark and light magic, a leprechaun bent on ruling the world, insane Fae, shifters, and a trip to Atlantis. Oh, and cereal. Lots of cereal.

Xander’s website

Xander’s books

Please share this opportunity with your members & alumni to submit to The Moderate Review, a newly established online journal showcasing some of the hottest emerging literary talents. We invite your words and voices to the ongoing creative discussion.

The Moderate accepts creative text (fiction, poetry, screenplays), zeitgeisty essays, reviews, and interviews as well as visual art such as painting, sculpture, and photography. We especially seek work that interfaces with the current moment.

We are currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

Submissions should be sent as a word attachment to moderatereview@gmail.com with “A Moderate Submission” in the subject line. There are no word limits, guidelines, or restrictions. However, all submissions must be original work and not previously published.

McGuire — Prior Restraint

Prior Restraint 

by Stephen McGruire

prior restraint” Prior Restraint”–America’s most famous news anchor is brutally murdered by terrorists, and the entire media establishment is paralyzed by the fear of who may be next. Seemingly overnight, a pernicious wave of self-censorship grips the airwaves, and no one dares to further criticize religious fanaticism. A corrupt Senator, intoxicated by ambition and greed, exploits the ensuing chaos, while a tenacious, young reporter risks her career and her life to uncover the truth. “Prior Restraint” is a chilling story about fear, greed and power that blurs the borders between reality and illusion, with a plot line even more terrifying in its disturbing proximity to our everyday reality.

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Stephen J. McGuire

stephen j mcguireSteve is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and had a 30+ year legal career serving as an attorney and a federal judge in Washington, DC.  Steve retired in 2008 as the Chief Judge of the Federal Trade Commission, where he received the FTC’s Distinguished Service Award and was honored by President George W. Bush for his service to the nation’s judiciary. He has two certifications from Harvard University, one from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and the other from Harvard Law School. Subsequently, he became Vice President for Corporate Compliance at the University of Louisville Hospital.

He has traveled to over 65 foreign countries, including 10 communist countries. Among his more memorable trips were those to Cuba (where his letter about the culture and lifestyle of Havana was published by Cigar Aficionado magazine), Africa, India, Vietnam, and Japan. In July 2019, he taught English to high school students in the Fujian Province of China.

Steve is scheduled for over 40 speaking engagements (May 2021-March 2022) at bookstores, libraries, country clubs, civic associations, art center and radio shows. Steve has been interviewed on the following radio shows: Beach Talk Radio, Fort Myers, FL; The Mike Boyle Show, Colorado Springs and Denver, CO; and Lars Larson, nationally syndicated. Steve is a member of the Gulf Coast Writers Association, Inc. and The Authors Guild. He lives in Naples, Florida, with his wife, Doris, and their golden retriever and goldendoodle, Henry and Alfie.

Steve’s website

Steve’s books

Mystery at Marian Manor (A Nora Brady, Student Nurse Mystery #1)

by M.E. Roche

mystery at marian manorWhat kind of person would dream of harming the elderly? How could such a thing ever happen in a place as nice as Marian Manor? These are the thoughts that plague Nora Brady, the young student nurse assigned to the lovely nursing home in Jacobsport, a small coastal town in northern California. When cherished belongings of the residents begin disappearing and several residents die unexpectedly, Nora is forced to act. While carefully observing those around her, she looks for clues, follows her hunches and plays detective as well as student nurse. But not everyone involved is happy with Nora’s investigation and Dan Maguire is one of them. He’s the young police detective assigned to the case who believes that the police should handle all crime investigations. Eventually, however, he realizes that it helps to have someone on the inside—and the inside of Marian Manor is certainly filled with colorful characters, from Nora’s co-workers and nurse managers to the residents with whom she loves spending time. Mystery at Marian Manor offers a glimpse into the world of nursing today and how one student nurse succeeded in making a difference!

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The Ghost of Gresham Green: The Adventures of Nora Brady, Student Nurse #3

by M.E. Roche

Ghost of Gresham Green

In this third book of Nora Brady’s adventure, Nora and her friend Tina are now in Dublin, Ireland, on a work-study phase of their student-nursing program. Charmed by life in Dublin, Nora soon learns that even there people can have a dark side. After meeting fellow students Ailish and Maire, who are cousins of her friend from home, Dan Maguire—the police detective in Jacobsport—she once again becomes entangled in a web of politics, lost jewels, and murder.

This time, however, she has help from above. As Nora learns the history of Gresham Green hospital, she discovers the legend of Lady Margaret Hampton, a ghost with a tragic past, who has continued to watch over the people of Gresham Green. With Nora’s help, Lady Margaret is finally allowed to rest in peace. As Nora expands her nursing skills in pediatrics, she finds fun, friends, danger, and mystery beyond her wildest imagination. Once again, she is up to the task.

The Ghost of Gresham Green is an engaging thriller reminiscent of Nancy Drew, Sue Barton, and Cherry Ames. It highlights the world of nursing today and shows that the concerns of nurses are the same the world over.

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