Moon — Whispers

by Lynn Yvonne Moon


Musetta is only twelve years old, but understands the devastating effects of family incest. Every Friday night, she’s visited and abused by her father. Then to her shock and dismay, one night he’s murdered. After the funeral, Musetta believes she can finally live a happy life as a teenager. But, to her horror, the attacks continue, and what is even more terrifying is that the walls are whispering. Now she must ask the question, why is her father’s ghost haunting her? With the help of her three closest friends, they uncover a hidden family secret that exposes not only Musetta, but threatens their very lives. Whispers delves into the unground world of incest and the terrifying consequences it places on the victim and their family.

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10 Rules about Monsters
by Lynn Yvonne Moon

10 Rules About Monsters

Monsters are real to children and can be found hiding everywhere, from inside a vacuum cleaner to under a bed. Even a washing machine is fair game for a monster! Fears are real and confusing for a young child. Trying to help our children overcome and conquer a fear isn’t easy. But sometimes, just a little grandmotherly love and understanding is all that’s needed. Ten Rules About Monsters, written by a grandmother and illustrated by a mother, helps a child to face his or her fear through laughter and love. If your child has ever worried about that monster hiding under the bed, then this is the story for you.

A fun book for grandparents or parents to share with kids. My kids loved it. – CB
Lovely book. Can’t wait to give to grandkids for Christmas – bglisis

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Lynn Yvonne Moon

Lynn was born and raised in beautiful Ventura, California where the hills gently slope into the blue Pacific Ocean. From her hilltop, Lynn enjoyed the view while contemplating the mysteries of life.

Now, through her stories Lynn shares what she’s learned – that people can be evil. Others dishonesty and a general lack of caring is what drives her to add words to an otherwise blank sheet of paper.

After earning a Master’s Degree from Troy State University, Lynn worked for the federal government experiencing the strict life of the secret black ops world. Never running from a challenge, she stood her ground and established relationships with those she could trust while avoiding those she feared.

Within the pages of The Agency Series, Lynn shares her memories of the different personalities she worked with within this dangerous world. Indulging in one of these novels whisks a reader to places they could never imagine exists. But they do.

With her help of her friends in the space exploration field, Lynn started the Journey’s Travels series for Young Adults. The novels explore the inner workings of an elite dictatorship and the consequences of trying to control people. It just doesn’t work. People must be free to experience life to its fullest, otherwise they rebel.

The love of Lynn’s life is her grandchildren. 10 Rules About Monsters was written specifically to alleviate their fears of the dark and unknown. Children are our future and without their love and devotion, our hopes will be lost. Because of her deep passion for children, Lynn wrote The Tower, a power story about the consequences of school-aged bullying, which won the Gold Medal for 2017 by the Moonbeam Children Book Award and the New England Book Festival Award for Young Adult Fiction. Whispers deals with a young girl struggling between moral issues and family love is scheduled for release in early 2018.

Her flash fiction, The Shoes, was published by Flash Fiction Magazine in August 2017 and can be found at:

Lynn resides in North Port, Florida with her family. Lynn is an Acquisition Editor for Koehler Books where she helps new authors achieve their dream of seeing their stories in print. Lynn earned her MFA in creative writing from Lindenwood University.

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Lynn’s Books

Marco Island Writers

A collection of stories and poems from Marco Island Writers, covering a wide breadth of topics both fictional and true. This fourth anthology in the series contains forty-nine original stories and poems.

All 4 volumes are available for sale at every Marco Island Writers meeting & at the Marco Island Farmer’s Market [in season]. Members’ price $8.00, non-members $12.00, or a set of all four $29.00. See Pauline for purchase.

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Pineapple Wine: Poems of Maui
by Jill Jennings

Fort Myers, Florida resident Jill Jennings has completed her third full-length book of poetry, this one a chronicle of  the years she spent living in Kihei, Maui. Come along with her and find out who is a haole, and who is a kama aina; taste a Hawaiian mixed plate lunch and try some pineapple wine from up island. Experience a tree in Lahaina that takes up two whole city blocks, and visit some of the best beaches in the world. In this collection of poems, every day is pau hana Friday, and we all look better in an aloha shirt!

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