For the people of Ukraine:

Declaration of Interdependence

On this day
of celebrating
I declare
a new truth
to be held
created free,
on each other;

I declare
what defeats
and hurts
any human,
also defeats
and hurts me;

I declare that
in any corner
of Earth
the air of the
whole planet,

and I declare
that one day
the uncontrolled
of anguish
from those yearning
to breathe free
may vanquish
all of us

unless we free
to declare
on this Day
of Interdependence:

“No one is safe
until all of us are safe
and no one is free
until all of us are free!”

Joe Pacheco

FAPA Con 2022

FAPAconFAPAcon2022 will be held on July 29 & 30, 2022

FAPAcon 2022

Conference + All Five Saturday Sessions + Breakfast & Lunch

We’ve listened to our members and are making this year’s destination more flexible and affordable for you, and more profitable for your business. The main conference will be held on Saturday, July 30, and the Book Awards Celebration that evening. On Friday, July 29, six (6) optional small-group workshops are being scheduled, offering attendees options a more intimate setting to learn about specific topics related to the publishing industry.  These focused workshops will be offered a la carte and are scheduled so that you may register for up to three (3). This new, flexible approach will let you customize your conference experience to focus on the topics most important to you and your business.

To view itinerary and speaker information, click here.

Join us at the FAPA Book Awards Celebration!

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