Hard to believe the collection of poems made it into a book, and that Amazon is offering it for sale at $14, free shipping if ordered by August 25th. The editing process, always ongoing, taught me just how much refocusing can happen when a publisher/editor asks simple questions about things you knew so well, before she asked.

Kelsay Books of Hemet, California published the book and sent it UPS to me, this July at Long Lake, NY. Two weeks went by as I tracked it cross-country to New Jersey, then to Glens Falls, NY where it got stacked in a warehouse, off the grid. Several calls, visits to the PO, cursing at the woods… Seems the destination address was insufficient. My luck changed when I spotted the Brown UPS delivery truck circling the village library. I hailed the driver, told him my anxiety-laden tale, and he handed me a 13.6 lb. box from California.

GCWA poets, Jim Gustafson and Joe Pacheco were instrumental in the editing process. Without the GCWA, I doubt I would have met either one of them. Karen Kelsay did a sensitive, efficient job at her end of the publishing process.

I encourage GCWA members to forge ahead with their work, to seek peer review and to learn how even the most modest publishing objectives can be accomplished.

I hope you buy The Time We Make in Passing and that you ask me to sign it for you. It will be an honor.

Gary McLouth

My good news this past month involved the celebration of my 80th birthday. The family had worked hard to get Dottie and me to travel to our hometown of Fennimore, Wisconsin, where we went to school and married while I was in engineering school. Over 55 years were to pass when in retirement, I started to write a newspaper column for the Fennimore Times. These stories have been published in six volumes telling the tales of my younger years from the over 750 columns written since August 29, 2002.

The birthday was one of great surprises, including a proclamation by my hometown declaring July 7, 8, and 9 as “Tom Nelson Weekend.”

Mr. Tom Nelson… tells the story of life and growing up in rural America: namely Fennimore, Wisconsin.” In closing this declaration by the city’s mayor: “The writings of Mr. Nelson have sparked interest in growing up in this city prompting people of a younger generation to invite conversation with their elders of how things used to be.”

I was both humbled and caught speechless by the above.

Tom Nelson

Some years ago I wrote a story about my son and grandson’s short stay in the tiny town of Murdo, South Dakota. Their old van broke down, and they were stranded with a long trip ahead of them. I’ve thought about it so many times and felt I should let that town know how much their kindnesses meant to them and our whole family. Finally, I looked up the name of the local newspaper (The Mundo Coyote) and sent them the story. I received a response almost immediately. They said the story was “awesome” and they planned to publish it in their next edition. When they sent me copies, I was taken aback that they printed it on the front page taking up one-half of the entire paper. My son Michael died a year after that stay in Murdo. How proud he would be to have a story about him and his son featured in the town of truly Good Samaritans.

Pat Janda

See story here.

May 22, 2017

Jamilla Brooks’ First Book is Published!

I am excited to announce that my first book “Beautiful You Are!: Inspired Poems” has been

I am also excited to announce that I will be a vendor at the first Memorial Day Singles Retreat “Fun in the Son” on Fort Myers Beach. My book and tees will be available for purchase! The Retreat dates are May 26-May 29 and for more information check out the website: http://memorialsingles.weebly.com/

To conclude my good news share I would like to say how honored I am to have been a nominee in the 2017 Distinguished Entrepreneur of Southwest Florida for my business Desire To Inspire! I was one of thirty entrepreneurs so this is a huge honor!

Buy Beautiful You Are! Inspired Poems on Amazon

Beautiful You Are!: Inspired Poems  by Jamilla D. Brooks 

I’m happy to announce that my book, That’s My Story, And I’m Still Movin’ On! , has been published. It’s the sixth book in a series that combines autobiography and an accounting of the character and characters of my small (population 2400 ) Wisconsin rural town. Writing a weekly column the past fifteen years for Fennimore’s newspaper has given me a vast number of anecdotes (750 and counting) from which to relate my tales from the 1940s era to the present day.

Buy his book on Amazon.com.

I want to thank Bob McCarthy for the incredible review he posted on Amazon and Google, for my novel, Angel of Tears. This was not just a quick overview; it was a six-point outline of why he believed the story worked from start to finish. As a published writer, professional in Media Marketing, Public Relations and other aspects of the writing process, this review is invaluable to me as a first-time novelist.

It is also an excellent reminder to me, and all of us writers, how important it is to let the rest of the world know what we liked about the books of our fellow members of GCWA.

The more reviews a book receives, good or not-so-good, help bring the book nearer to the top of Amazon’s most-read list.

Thank you again, Bob, for your encouragement. It is a definite boost for me now that I am writing my second novel.
~Irene “Susie” Smith

Angel of Tears on Amazon

Good news to share with you: My poetry manuscript has been accepted for publication by Kelsay Books of Helmet, California. The collection gathers some 50 poems culled from three decades of writing. I’ve been advised by other Kelsay authors that actual publication is “slow,” but when compared to how long it’s taken me to tuck these poems into one bed, ‘slow’ is much quicker than “never.” As “they” used to say before we hurried up, “don’t touch that dial!”

Doug has a new children’s book out in time for the holidays. Entitled, ‘Morgan McKinney’s Bigger-Than-Life Bedtime Story’, it stars Morgan McKinney, a big lovable kid who is rambunctious and full of energy. No one can jump like Morgan and no one has a feather pillow like Morgan. You know, the feather pillow with the DO NOT REMOVE tag on it. It isn’t until his mother tells him a bedtime story on Christmas Eve that he discovers just what happens when the tag is pulled OFF.  Follow Morgan and all the large animals at the zoo on their amazing airborne adventure above Florida. Meet Henry, the Humongous Hippo; Ralph, the Rugged Rhino; Eloise, the Purple-Spotted Elephant Seal; Garth, the Goliath Grouper; and Martha, the Monstrous Manatee.   Watch for a guest appearance by the Big Guy himself, Santa Claus. And don’t miss the super cool surprise ending!