Drummer — Thunderbird


by Richard Drummer


The greatest challenge for Grace Cummings will be to solve her own murder.

On a crisp autumn morning in 1959 Grace watched in horrified silence as her husband’s experimental jet exploded in a blinding flash. She frantically scanned the horizon for the white bloom of his parachute. It never appeared. Reggie had perished before her eyes.

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One Response to “Drummer — Thunderbird”

  1. Irene Smith


    It isn’t unusual for women to bond with a car. I am a Motor City Mama who owned two T-Bird convertibles: a bad-ass “62 and a supercharged “04 Retro. The secrets we shared died with them.

    Steven King’s Christine was an evil car. Drummers’s Thundrbird is host to the sassy spirit of a murdered woman who is now welded to the car. She is pursued by a group of unscrupulous scoundrels out to murder HER—again?

    These guys are unprepared to match wits with this high-powered classy chassis that torments them verbally as she out maneuvers them time-after-time. A young woman buys the car and joins the team.

    Several unexpected surprises made it right up my alley. This book is full of edge-of- your-seat action and is fun, fun, fun to read!


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