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  1. Gary McLouth

    Hi, Gary McLouth here.
    Ever wonder what happens with these postings for editorial work? Given the lack of replies, it looks like nothing much, but there’s usually a reason for why things appear as they do, and the reason I’ve discovered is simple. Embarrassment.
    Who would reveal that “clients” often balk at fair payment arrangements, turn out to be clueless about what they want you to do, and turn out to exhibit behavior both troubling and dangerous.
    One example I love to forget is the author who brought me a self-published book length non-fiction study of a particular government funded project of some notoriety. The author’s book contained well-organized chapters packed with information about his subject, in-text documentation, footnotes, endnotes and an impressive index. The writing style, not so much. In face-to-face meetings with the author the FBI, CIA and other government law enforcement agencies were mentioned casually, at first. While I wanted to focus on the text’s bureaucratic rhetoric, the author wanted me to believe he was being watched by Federal agents. Stalked. Wire Tapped. Want to get the rest of the story? Reply.


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