Hard to believe the collection of poems made it into a book, and that Amazon is offering it for sale at $14, free shipping if ordered by August 25th. The editing process, always ongoing, taught me just how much refocusing can happen when a publisher/editor asks simple questions about things you knew so well, before she asked.

Kelsay Books of Hemet, California published the book and sent it UPS to me, this July at Long Lake, NY. Two weeks went by as I tracked it cross-country to New Jersey, then to Glens Falls, NY where it got stacked in a warehouse, off the grid. Several calls, visits to the PO, cursing at the woods… Seems the destination address was insufficient. My luck changed when I spotted the Brown UPS delivery truck circling the village library. I hailed the driver, told him my anxiety-laden tale, and he handed me a 13.6 lb. box from California.

GCWA poets, Jim Gustafson and Joe Pacheco were instrumental in the editing process. Without the GCWA, I doubt I would have met either one of them. Karen Kelsay did a sensitive, efficient job at her end of the publishing process.

I encourage GCWA members to forge ahead with their work, to seek peer review and to learn how even the most modest publishing objectives can be accomplished.

I hope you buy The Time We Make in Passing and that you ask me to sign it for you. It will be an honor.

Gary McLouth

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