Lori Goshert

Lori Goshert

I am a ghostwriter, editor, and nonfiction writer currently living in Fort Myers, Florida, USA (recently moved from Prague, Czech Republic, where I was working as an ESL teacher). I studied at Indiana University, Bloomington, where I received a master’s degree in ethnomusicology. Before that, I received a bachelor’s in linguistics and folklore.  Aside from writing, my interests include reading, traveling, learning about other cultures, languages, history, animals, health, social justice, art, music, and overanalyzing the fantasy worlds in the cartoons my kid watches. Currently, I write mostly nonfiction, especially essays that merge nature and the environment with human issues. I also love writing about music. In the past, I’ve written short stories (one has appeared in Times of the Islands magazine), and I have a still-unpublished horror novella.

Lori’s website: https://lalehtheghost.wordpress.com/

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