Some years ago I wrote a story about my son and grandson’s short stay in the tiny town of Murdo, South Dakota. Their old van broke down, and they were stranded with a long trip ahead of them. I’ve thought about it so many times and felt I should let that town know how much their kindnesses meant to them and our whole family. Finally, I looked up the name of the local newspaper (The Mundo Coyote) and sent them the story. I received a response almost immediately. They said the story was “awesome” and they planned to publish it in their next edition. When they sent me copies, I was taken aback that they printed it on the front page taking up one-half of the entire paper. My son Michael died a year after that stay in Murdo. How proud he would be to have a story about him and his son featured in the town of truly Good Samaritans.

Pat Janda

See story here.

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