Hayton — The Unfriendly Bee

The Unfriendly Bee
by Pauline Hayton


Beryl, the unfriendly bee, chases other bees away from flowers that have the most pollen. She doesn’t care if she has no friends. She wants to win Queen Bee’s merit badge for collecting the most pollen for the hive. The other bees are annoyed and teach Beryl a lesson–that life is much better if you are a friendly bee. [more]

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Belle of the Glades: The Shell-Letter Adventure (Volume 1)
by Cheryl L Abney


From an Amazon reader review: “Belle of the Glades is a wonderful book. I loved how the book flowed and the story line kept my attention. The characters were so real and I felt like I connected with each and every one of them on a different level. I started reading the book and could not put it down. I also loved how while reading the book I felt like I could picture every location the author was talking about.” [more]

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