Recipes and Life: Life is Too Short to be Stuck in the Kitchen
by Alice Oldford

Do you want to liven up your family’smeals, maximize your food budget and limit yourtime in the kitchen? Do you have one or more picky eaters? Is dieting on someone’s agenda? What can you do to make leftovers appealing or change up old favorites? Looking to avoid the processed food pitfalls, but think you don’t have time? You have other things to do with your time and money. [more]

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In Addition…to the Entrée
by Connie Hope

It’s all about sides. This is a cookbook that is geared toward the busy and working person who don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking, but wants to have a good meal. All it takes is one side dish to transform the entrée into a complete meal. In Addition…to the Entrée is all about side dishes. [more]

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Soups and Stews…Comfort by the Spoonful
by Connie Hope

New Cookbook

  • 220 pages packed full of 200 recipes with 200 color photos
  • Personalized comments and “snippets” of cooking info
  • Rated difficulty of recipes via 1, 2, and 3 hats
  • Quick ideas for using meats, vegetables, and pastas in soups and stews
  • Special section on Crock-Pots for people who run out of time to cook