Talky Walky Wibbelty Wobbelty: Rhyming Counting from 1 – 10 and Back Again for Toddlers and Preschool
by Xander Blue

Talky Walky Wibbelty Wobbelty
Who says learning can’t be fun?

I want you to ham it up bigtime when reading this book to your little one! So… the writing and rhyming are fun and especially worded to help you enjoy this too.

This book was created to help teach your child to count from 1 – 10 and back again. The full color pictures are varied and compliment the enjoyment of the reading.

Oh, and yes, just be warned.. there is a page where you siiiiiinngg – so get ready!

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Kateí buk’erá yará? : What do you see there? (Zemi Learns Borikenaíki)
by Ell Maldonado

what do you see there

Maldonado — I am Hungry

Dak’agáma jámu: I am Hungry (Zemi Learns Borikenaíki)
by Ell Maldonado

I am hungry

Finding Zemi’s Song (Zemi Learns Borikenaíki)
by Ell Maldonado

finding zemi's songZemi is a coquí frog living in Puerto Rico. One night, when he goes to sing, he can’t! His song is nowhere to be found! With the help of his friend Alida, Zemi travels to El Yunque to find Atabey- the Taíno cemí matriarch and mother of all living things. Will she be able to help Zemi regain his ability to sing?

The 15 Minute Guide to Parenting
by Carol S. Kennedy


This is a self-help, hands-on Christian Workbook. It may be used as a companion to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PARENTING FROM A TO Z SO HELP ME GOD, also by Dr. Carol Kennedy. Or, it can easily be used as a resource for individuals or families as a stand alone tool. This workbook is a catalyst for discussion and application for families. Choose one topic at a time and apply it to your own situation. Have fun with this guide!

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Giving with Meaning by Patricia Sheehy 

Giving With MeaningYour gift-giving bible for fun, creative, affordable gifts. Discover how to turn ordinary items into meaningful gifts using folklore, legends, and traditions. This is sure to be your go-to book for thoughtful and inspired gift-giving ideas. Download it to your Kindle and you’ll never be lost for gift ideas. The physical book is designed in a “take along size” and makes the perfect “small gift” for a colleague, hostess, or good friend. Never leave home without this valuable resource. Giving with Meaning with help you become the thoughtful gift-giver you always wanted to be!

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Dancing Under the Full Moon: 101 Ways to Attract Money Into Your Life
by Patricia Sheehy 

Turn your money dreams into reality. Dancing Under the Full Moon gives you 101 ways to attract money into your life using time-honored rituals, affirmations and magic. You’ll also read true stories from ordinary people who use the power of rituals and personal intention to increase their wealth and well-being. Give these ideas a try. They’ve worked for others, and they can work for you. This is a fun book filled with possibilities.

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Rad Hair Day
by Doug MacGregor

Rad Hair Day, is a 52-page book that will capture a child’s heart with a sense of wonder and purpose. Imaginatively illustrated, Rad Hair Day is a tall tale about the care for hair and a cause to share. It is dedicated to children struggling with special challenges that result in long-term medical hair loss. [more]

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Get Creative, Turn On The Bright Side Of Your Brain!
written and illustrated by Doug MacGregor

Doug MacGregor, cartoonist and illustrator, has published a fascinating new book! Entitled, Get Creative, Turn On The Bright Side Of Your Brain, this clever and exciting book will help jump-start your imagination. It s filled with fun exercises, lessons, puzzles, games, cartoons and drawings for all ages. It is designed for the young, and young at heart that wants to exercise the creative side of the brain! [more]

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