Old UFFS’ Memoirs
Willesden County Grammar School – London 1924-1966
by Patricia H-F Moore


“The County,” as it was fondly known by its pupils, became a grammar school after the Rab Butler Act was passed in 1946 to “…provide quality education for bright boys and girls” and provide equal opportunities for children of all backgrounds. These memoirs from Willesden County Grammar School pupils span the school’s history from its beginning in 1924 to its closing in 1966. The Old Uffingtonians, an organization of former pupils collected these memoirs which became the basis of this book. [more]

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Tomorrow is Another Day
by Patricia H-F Moore

Tomorrow is Another Day: A Memoir Patricia left the hustle and bustle of grimy Waterloo Station in London on a bleak rainy morning on the boat train to Dover. She was engulfed in a blur of smoke, loudspeaker announcements, and train whistles. Her mother bid her a hurried goodbye and pushed her up into a crowded compartment of the train

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