Jefferson — 365 Bright Ideas

365 Bright Ideas to Market Your Indie Book: An Author’s Practical Guide to Daily Marketing

by Patti Jefferson

You may think you’re marketing your book effectively, but you’d be surprised at some of the research, targeting, and promotion you might be missing. Learn how you can do so much more — even with limited time or finances! Introducing a simple guide for independent authors to do at least one task every day that promotes themselves as authors and their books to readers.

Four ways to choose your daily task:
1. randomly
2. based on time availability
3. based on financial availability
4. start at the beginning and work to the end

Each Task Features:
– time and cost estimates per task
– step-by-step instructions including checklists and Q&A
– results tracking (do more of what brings results; less of what doesn’t)
– calendars to schedule reoccurring tasks
– tips to customize your marketing

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Collaborative Blogging: A Team Approach to Social Media in 6 Easy Steps
by Bob McCarthy and Sally Vickers

The handbook’s purpose is to help a team plan and produce posts for their blog. It is a step-by-step process that begins with a team developing a mission statement. It does not include a detailed business or marketing plan per se, but we encourage a team to draft even a rudimentary plan with measureable goals. Such a plan is helpful when three, four or five people are creating content designed to support the team’s mission statement.

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