Tim Jacobs

CIP-7-ZF-8518-56360-1-012Timothy Jacobs was born and raised on the shoreline of Connecticut. He lived in California twice, traveled across the country three times, and lived in Europe for a couple of years before settling in Fort Myers. He is the CEO of Jacobs Writing Consultants, LLC, which offers writers such services as editing, proofreading, and ghostwriting. Jacobs is a regular contributor to the Santiva Chronicle, the Island Sand Paper, and is the feature writer Unique Harbour Living. He has written 6 books and has over 400 articles published. You can check out his blog on Lee County History at www.lchistoryblog.blogspot.com. One of his latest ventures is he is co-owner of the Gulf Coast Bookstore with fellow writer/illustrator Patti Brassard Jefferson, located in the Butterfly Estates. It’s toted as being the first bookstore ever tailored to self published authors, and has 53 local author’s titles for sale. Jacobs has been a member of the Gulf Coast Writers Associations for 11 years, and served as president from 2012-2013, he currently serves on the Corporate Board.

Visit his website at: http://jacobswc.com

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