Twitter for Authors

What is a tweat?

We hear a lot about Facebook, but what about the other four recommended platforms. Twitter is one of those, and just like Facebook, you need to understand how to do it correctly.

For instance, Twitter allows a 140 letter character limit, which is something not known to many people. This is just to show you what 140 letter characters look like, which can be a few spaces to compose all your thoughts.

Twitter is also where the # hashtag originated. Using this wonderful character is all you need to help you build an audience and get connected to your audience.

Whenever you make a post, add a few keywords with the # in front of it (no space between), and you will see suggested groups who use the same. Whenever you use one of these hashtag words, your post will be listed whenever someone searches that hashtag. So for instance, #books are great for #reading will get your post listed on those two groups.

On the reverse side, you can search those phrases and find other people who are posting about the same things and then connect with them.

Happy Following!

Jenn FitzGerald

Book Design & Publishing

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