Did that really happen?

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Ladies get those pens and laptops ready.  We are starting our next writing contest.   Submit today for a chance to win $100 and an opportunity to have your story published!  Below is a brief description.  When you are ready to get started click here –https://www.kaleidoscopewojo.com/submissions

Did That Really Happen?   Contest
Submission Deadline: 03/13/20
Announcement Date: 03/30/20

When we think of major events that created change in our lives, often we associate the process with difficult or painful situations.  Even the imagery we use to describe the catalysts of change are associated with visions such as “standing on a burning platform” or “hitting rock bottom.”

But not all change comes from horrific events.  What about situations where change emerged from humorous circumstances?  Have you experienced what, at the time, was a highly embarrassing situation, which ultimately proved to be a springboard for positive change?  A bad date that turned into a lifelong relationship?  Or, having gotten caught up in a surreal situation, new pathways were discovered and pursued?

We are looking for memoirs that describe more whimsical situations that led to personal breakthroughs or new discoveries.  This could include being faced with a terrible challenge that was met with humor and proved to be transformational.  Let’s see what you’ve got!

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