Hiking NJ Trails — Hunterdon County & Beyond: You Can Get There From Here Too
by Alice Oldford

Are you eager to embrace the outdoors and what Mother Nature has to offer, get your family involved or perhaps learn some local history? You can find what you need in Hunterdon and the surrounding Counties. Check out Taylor Steelworkers Historic Greenway in High Bridge, a wonderful source of history dating to the Revolutionary War. For an environmental lesson, try Merrill Creek Reservoir in Washington Township, Warren County. [more]

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In Addition…to the Entrée
by Connie Hope

It’s all about sides. This is a cookbook that is geared toward the busy and working person who don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking, but wants to have a good meal. All it takes is one side dish to transform the entrée into a complete meal. In Addition…to the Entrée is all about side dishes. [more]

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Soups and Stews…Comfort by the Spoonful
by Connie Hope

New Cookbook

  • 220 pages packed full of 200 recipes with 200 color photos
  • Personalized comments and “snippets” of cooking info
  • Rated difficulty of recipes via 1, 2, and 3 hats
  • Quick ideas for using meats, vegetables, and pastas in soups and stews
  • Special section on Crock-Pots for people who run out of time to cook



License to Draw: How to Monetize Your Art Through Licensing…and more!
by Ronnie Walter

NEW–DECEMBER 2016! In this ALL NEW EDITION, Ronnie brings a fresh new perspective on monetizing your creative pursuits, reflecting changes in the market and more ways to make money with your art. Successful artist and writer Ronnie Walter has has written a detailed handbook that includes how to figure out what kind of artist you are, how to develop the right presentation for the right clients and an in-depth look at the essentials of a good contract. Written in a friendly and readable style, you’ll find inspiration, motivation and a step by step explanation of how to dive into art licensing.

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Get Creative, Turn On The Bright Side Of Your Brain!
written and illustrated by Doug MacGregor

Doug MacGregor, cartoonist and illustrator, has published a fascinating new book! Entitled, Get Creative, Turn On The Bright Side Of Your Brain, this clever and exciting book will help jump-start your imagination. It s filled with fun exercises, lessons, puzzles, games, cartoons and drawings for all ages. It is designed for the young, and young at heart that wants to exercise the creative side of the brain! [more]

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Old UFFS’ Memoirs
Willesden County Grammar School – London 1924-1966
by Patricia H-F Moore


“The County,” as it was fondly known by its pupils, became a grammar school after the Rab Butler Act was passed in 1946 to “…provide quality education for bright boys and girls” and provide equal opportunities for children of all backgrounds. These memoirs from Willesden County Grammar School pupils span the school’s history from its beginning in 1924 to its closing in 1966. The Old Uffingtonians, an organization of former pupils collected these memoirs which became the basis of this book. [more]

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Still Pedaling
by Pauline Hayton


Precocious brat, poverty-stricken single parent, gave away child for adoption, gang rape survivor, world traveler, spiritual healer, probation officer, immigrant, massage therapist, cancer survivor, author, care giver to elderly parents, headstrong wife, educational sponsor for 100 Naga children—you name it, I’ve done it and I turned out OK. I’m still pedaling and you can too.

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A Corporal’s War: The WWII Adventures of a Royal Engineer
by Pauline Hayton


It’s 1939. Norman, twenty years old, married, and father of a young child, struggles to make ends meet. To improve the family’s finances, he enlists in the army, figuring that when his six months’ National Service ends he will be twenty-one and entitled to earn adult wages, a good plan until foiled by Britain’s declaration of war against Nazi Germany. Norman’s world is turned upside down. His six months of army life stretches to seven years, where he forges friendships that sustain him throughout the war years. [more]

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That’s My Story, And I’m Sticking to It!: Fennimore . . . As I Remember (Volume I)
by Tom Nelson


During the four decades since Tom Nelson left his hometown of Fennimore, Wisconsin he has returned countless times. Now he revisits once again to recount his younger years during the 1940’s and ’50s. These were times when in a small Midwestern town farmer families shopped on Saturday nights while their children went to a double feature movie. The men folks congregated at the local billiard parlor and wives sat in parked cars on main street gossiping with neighbors. [more]

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