2014 Contest Winners


First Place – Kathy Boyd, “Bearer of Gifts
Second Place – Ruben Colon, “Without a Trace
Third Place – Renny Severance, “Next


First Place – Suzanne Richardson, “The Blue Hot Dog Lizard”
Second Place – Ronnie Walter, “The Summer Shill
Third Place – Bob McCarthy, “That Four Barrel Summer


First Place – Kara Moyer, “Ode to New Orleans
Second Place – Jim Gustafson, “When I Remember Venice”
Third Place – Jan Marin Tramontano, “Matrushka Dolls

2013 contest winners:

Winners published in Ft. Myers Magazine


First Place – Jan Niemann, “My German Pen Pal”
Second Place – Carmine Lombardo, “Love in the Lily Pad”
Third Place – Denise Holbrook, “A Christmas Song”


First Place – Gary McLouth, “The Big Tree”
Second Place – Patricia Sheehy, “I Just Want to Know”
Third Place – Martha Jeffers, “Cole’s Barn”


First Place – Joan Heller Winokur, “The Bridge”
Second Place – Mary Beth Lundgren, “Study in Gray”
Third Place – Alan Coulter, “Dear New York Times Best Selling Author”

2012 Writing Contest Winners


Third Place – Ellen Meyer – “October 20 2011
Second Place – Lew Knickerbocker – “Heil Greta
First Place – Artis Henderson – “A Responsibility to Watch.”


Third Place – Mary Beth Lundgren – “Demented
Second Place – Pat Washington – “Lady Day
First Place – Larry Stiles – “Running of the Bulls


Third Place – Cheryl Abney – “Belle of the Glades
Second Place – Daniel England – “Sam Jack Eliza and Mary
First Place – Denise Holbrook – “SummerBreak

2011 Writing Contest Winners

1st Place – Jan Nieman – Transitions
2nd Place – Judy Loose – Not the Way It’s Supposed to Work
3rd Place – Fay Ellen Graetz – Reflections in a Coffee Spoon

1st Place – Martha Jeffers – Return to Sender
2nd Place – Larry Stiles – The Qualifying Run
3rd Place – Jan Nieman – The Creche
Honorable Mention – Pat Janda – The Stand-In

1st Place – Larry Stiles – Winter’s Calling
2nd Place – Mary Beth Lundgren – First Christmas Gift
3rd Place – Judy Loose – Woodchuck

2010 Writing Contest Winners