Lori Goshert

Lori Goshert

I am a ghostwriter, editor, and nonfiction writer currently living in Fort Myers, Florida, USA (recently moved from Prague, Czech Republic, where I was working as an ESL teacher). I studied at Indiana University, Bloomington, where I received a master’s degree in ethnomusicology. Before that, I received a bachelor’s in linguistics and folklore.  Aside from writing, my interests include reading, traveling, learning about other cultures, languages, history, animals, health, social justice, art, music, and overanalyzing the fantasy worlds in the cartoons my kid watches. Currently, I write mostly nonfiction, especially essays that merge nature and the environment with human issues. I also love writing about music. In the past, I’ve written short stories (one has appeared in Times of the Islands magazine), and I have a still-unpublished horror novella.

Lori’s website: https://lalehtheghost.wordpress.com/

Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson

R.J. Nelson (Bob) has published DIRTY WATERS: CONFESSIONS OF CHICAGO’S LAST HARBOR BOSS, University of Chicago Press, 2016, the story of corruption in Chicago’s harbors and government (his last 4 predecessors went to federal prison).

He also has published poetry and stories in various anthologies. Currently his poems appear monthly in The Whiskey Creek News of Ft. Myers—except in the summer months.

He received first prize in the 2019 GCWA writing contest for his non-fiction story, “Unvarnished Truth.” He has finished his second book, STONY ISLAND, from which “Unvarnished Truth” is taken.
He is an honorary member of the Society of Midland Authors.
B.A. degree in English from Ohio Wesleyan, M.Div. from Colgate Rochester Divinity School. He was a chaplain at Cornell University, Administrative Director of Court Theatre at the Univ. of Chicago, President of the Yacht Sales division of Grebe Shipyard in Chicago, Director of Harbors for the City of Chicago, CEO of the Hammond Indiana Port Authority where he retired in 2005.
Bob is addicted to sailing having sailed across the Atlantic with two biddies following the route taken by Columbus on his first voyage, also from Newfoundland to the Arctic Circle and  throughout the Caribbean, and all the Great Lakes.

Ruth Klingenberger

Ruth Klingenberger

Ruth Klingenberger is a writer of Christian fiction and devotional thoughts. A life-long reader, she has been following the careers of many authors for inspiration in the craft. Because of her love for books, she served as a Trustee on the Board of a New York library, and held the post of Board Secretary. Additionally, she has read on Radio Reading Services in several states for the visually challenged. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

Ruth is a retired Registered Nurse, but maintains her current licensure for volunteer opportunities. She and her husband live in Fort Myers but travel to keep up with children and grandchildren spread across the U.S.A.


Patricia Wentling

Trish Wentling

I’m a graduate of Bryant & Stratton College at Buffalo, NY. I’ve worked for many years in the banking field in Retail Banking, Corporate Trust, and Personal Trust as an Administrative Assistant. I moved to Florida in 1982 and lived in Jacksonville, FL and years later, Central FL near Orlando. I began writing poetry seventeen years ago and children’s stories eight years ago. Now I concentrate mostly on writing children’s stories for picture books and chapter books.

I’ve published a poetry chapbook with Writer’s Ink Press (Daytona Beach) in 2013 titled, PRUNING. In 2016, I’ve published, LUCKY AND HAPPY, with Kids Imagination Train, an e-zine. In 2017, I’ve published, AN ELM LEAF FACES HIS FEAR, with Bumples Magazine. This year, LUCKY’S VIOLIN, will be published in the May/June issue of Kids Imagination Train, an e-zine.

I’m married to my husband, Stephen. We’ve retired to Fort Myers, FL in June 2018.

David Aiken

Because my father was a career Air Force officer, I grew up on or near to military bases nearly all of my life. We moved frequently, at least every two years. I went to school in Florida, Ohio, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Texas. After graduating from college, I joined the Air Force myself, and continued the  nomadic lifestyle for many years. I began writing before I had even completed officer candidate school.

My white paper on the role of the military in South American governments was selected to be read – by myself – in front of an audience composed of…South American colonels and generals. I was scared to death! I continued to write technical papers and documents, first for the Air Force, and later for my employers. My first adventure in non-fiction was an historical novel. This was followed by short stories, memoirs, and essays. Some have been published, most have not.

I am now retired and spend a great deal of my time writing, drawing from my many adventures and the places where I have lived.

Mary Clista Dahl

Mary DahlWriter, author, nature enthusiast, peace promoter and energy worker with a focus on harnessing the power of words, love, joy, non-digital human connection and nature to restore optimum health.  My passion lies in assisting others through writing to recognize their strengths, attributes and dreams and to offer the hope and encouragement necessary to achieve them.  My mission is to eradicate the Western cultural consensus concept of mental illness.

I divide most of my time between the beautiful settings and people of western New York and the Gulf Coast of Florida.  My books, Giddy as Charged and Reconciliation of the Heart are available on Amazon.

My current project, I Beg Your Pardon, but I’m not the Least Bit Disordered, is a combination of history and light-hearted personal experience of what it means (or doesn’t) to be labeled mentally ill in the United States.

Quote that I live by:  “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” – Hafez of Shiraz

Visit her website at: http://capturelifewriting.com

Mary’s books

Lynn Yvonne Moon

Lynn was born and raised in beautiful Ventura, California where the hills gently slope into the blue Pacific Ocean. From her hilltop, Lynn enjoyed the view while contemplating the mysteries of life.

Now, through her stories Lynn shares what she’s learned – that people can be evil. Others dishonesty and a general lack of caring is what drives her to add words to an otherwise blank sheet of paper.

After earning a Master’s Degree from Troy State University, Lynn worked for the federal government experiencing the strict life of the secret black ops world. Never running from a challenge, she stood her ground and established relationships with those she could trust while avoiding those she feared.

Within the pages of The Agency Series, Lynn shares her memories of the different personalities she worked with within this dangerous world. Indulging in one of these novels whisks a reader to places they could never imagine exists. But they do.

With her help of her friends in the space exploration field, Lynn started the Journey’s Travels series for Young Adults. The novels explore the inner workings of an elite dictatorship and the consequences of trying to control people. It just doesn’t work. People must be free to experience life to its fullest, otherwise they rebel.

The love of Lynn’s life is her grandchildren. 10 Rules About Monsters was written specifically to alleviate their fears of the dark and unknown. Children are our future and without their love and devotion, our hopes will be lost. Because of her deep passion for children, Lynn wrote The Tower, a power story about the consequences of school-aged bullying, which won the Gold Medal for 2017 by the Moonbeam Children Book Award and the New England Book Festival Award for Young Adult Fiction. Whispers deals with a young girl struggling between moral issues and family love is scheduled for release in early 2018.

Her flash fiction, The Shoes, was published by Flash Fiction Magazine in August 2017 and can be found at:

Lynn resides in North Port, Florida with her family. Lynn is an Acquisition Editor for Koehler Books where she helps new authors achieve their dream of seeing their stories in print. Lynn earned her MFA in creative writing from Lindenwood University.

Follow Lynn on Twitter and Facebook. Or visit her website at:

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Charley Valera

Charley ValeraAuthor Charley Valera has always had a fascination with WWII and its effects on the soldiers and their families. Valera’s father was a WWII veteran and, like most of us, he never asked what life was like during the war. Years after his father passed away, forever taking his stories with him, Valera was determined to document the lives of other WWII veterans. My Father’s War: Memories from Our Honored WWII Soldiers covers both theaters and all branches of war during WWII.  This book features more than a hundred personal photos and stories from WWII veterans. These are their firsthand accounts. How they beat back the bile in their throats to complete their dangerous missions. Finally, one source to learn about their lives and why WWII was my father’s war. Now an award-winning documentary. 

 Charley Valera has appeared on NBC/NECN, WPRI and other TV outlets. He’s been featured in magazines, newspapers and radio throughout the country. Valera writes articles and blogs for various media on topics from WWII, real estate and aviation. A licensed commercial pilot, Realtor, author, filmmaker, public speaker, father of two boys and husband to Cheryl, they live in southwest Florida. He can be reached through www.charleyvalera.com.

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Rick Pullen

Rick PullenRick Pullen is a thriller novelist, an award-winning investigative reporter and magazine editor. He is a member of the FOLIO 100—the 100 most influential people in magazine publishing. He was a finalist for EDITOR OF THE YEAR in 2015 and spent most of his journalism career navigating the swamp in Washington, D.C.

He is a resident of Florida and Virginia. Rick is an ardent Parrothead. He likes nothing more than a cold beer, sunshine, sand between his toes and a great Padron cigar.

He started writing fiction in 2011. NAKED AMBITION, published in May 2016, immediately became a bestseller. NAKED TRUTH, a sequel, was release September 2018. Volume one of THE APPRENTICE, a fast-paced serial about a rookie reporter thrust into the Washington political nightmare, was released in December 2017.

Rick is a member of the International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, The Author’s Guild and the National Press Club, where he can be found on occasion at the bar downing an Amstel Light. He has started two writer critique groups and an author’s dinner group.

For more information visit rickpullen.com.

Rick’s books

Diana McDonough

Diana wrote her first novel, “Stuck in the Onesies,” over a ten-year period while working full time for Ecolab, Inc. She retired from Ecolab to pursue writing full time. My Mother’s Apprentice  (the sequel to Stuck in the Onesies) is due to be released in early 2019.

Diana writes historical fiction, humor, and women’s fiction. You can visit her website at www.dianamcdonough.com and sign up for her blog.

Diana’s books.