Dear fellow member:

I joined Gulf Coast Writers during the Covid pandemic, when personal interaction screeched to a sudden halt in March of 2020. It was fascinating to “meet” fellow members virtually on my computer’s screen, to develop relationships with people I had never met in person, an adult version of my childhood experience with pen pals. We shared joys and sorrows, good news and sad news, all without the benefit (or burden) of personal contact.

Participating in the GCWA writing contest that first year felt alien. Nobody knew me. I knew nobody. The competitive field was a cipher. With trepidation I submitted the first story I had ever shared with anyone. Hitting “send” felt courageous.

I do not remember the results of that first GCWA writing contest. I only remember the satisfaction of having exposed my writing to a group whose judgment I trusted.

Claudia Geagan, our maestro of Special Projects, is coordinating the 2024 GCWA writing contest. Claudia reminds us that the deadline for entry is the last day of this month, May 31. Please join me and fellow writers by sending your entry/entries before the deadline. Judging is “blind,” which means that your name will not appear on your work so that judges will not know whose work they are evaluating.

Official contest rules are below.

Meanwhile, mark your calendar for Saturday May 17, when a panel of GCWA members will discuss their publishing experience. We’ll all learn from their experience. Join us, 10 AM at Word of Life Church, 6111 South Pointe Blvd.

Be well.


Gulf Coast Writers Association

2024 Writing Contest

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Submit online: All entries must be submitted electronically through our website: Make sure to pay the entry fee online as well.
  • Craft your masterpiece: Unleash your creativity with a captivating story of 1500 words or less. Double-space your entry in a clear and readable 12-point font like Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, or similar.
  • Entry deadline is May 31, 2024 at 11:59 PM EDT.
  • Blind judging: Rest assured that your work will be judged anonymously. Your name, address, and email will not be revealed to our panel of esteemed judges.
  • Reap the rewards: Winners will be notified by July 15th and can claim exciting prizes: $200 for first place, $75 for second place, and $50 for third place in each category.
  • Expert evaluation: Our judges are renowned members of the GCWA and the greater writing community, ensuring your work receives a fair and insightful evaluation.
  • 3 Categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry
  • Questions? Email

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