Dear Gulf Coast Writer,

I’d like for us to become more than colleagues. I want us to become friends – people with whom we can share our highs and lows, our challenges and triumphs, in trust and mutual care.

Several of our cherished members are enduring life-altering adversity. My heart goes out to those whose ordeals I’m aware of. My hope is for ours to be a forum in which we can support each other in crisis and in calm. Writing is a lonely pursuit. Friendship eases the alienation, and friendship with fellow writers doubles the connection.

In our meetings, we have had a few minutes to share what we call “good news.” Let’s expand that to include any news that needs the support of our fellow writers.

At our next monthly gathering, at 10 AM on April 20, we’ll set aside a time for sharing personal and professional news – happy or sad. It’s a way of getting to know each other beyond the superficial greetings we tend to exchange. Bring your news. You’ll find a friendly reception and a way to connect.

April 20 is also an out-of-the-box creative experience. Charley Valera, our program co-chair, will break us up into groups, giving each table a song title and lyrics from which the team will compose a short story. A member of each team will then recite the group’s story and elicit comments.  This exercise helps us learn to collaborate in creative team efforts. It is also another way to develop friendships. Besides, it will be fun! Charley has also hinted that there may be prizes.

Bring your funny bone, your impromptu writing skills, and your willingness to make friends to Word of Life Church, 6111 South Point Blvd., Fort Myers, at 10 AM on April 20.

I look forward to seeing you there and then. And afterwards, lunch at Buckett’s.

Meanwhile, remember the GCWA writing contest. Deadline is end of May. Enter online. And please help our Communications team by filling out the member survey from Sheryl’s email earlier today.



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