Joe Pacheco on NPR

Dear Fellow Poets and Friends:

Santa was especially kind to me this Christmas. He brought me an entire hour of NPR Radio time so that I could recite and share my poetry with you and the wonderful WGCU listening audience.

Click the link below to see and listen to the broadcast page and audience.

Happy Holidays.
Joe Pacheco

New Novel by M. E. Roche

M. E. Roche’s new book, The South Spit Murders, will be release November 15, 2021.

It’s during the early morning hours on a rainy night when the sound of gunshots brings sheriff’s detectives to a lone campsite on the south spit—that remote strip of land separating the Pacific Ocean from William’s Bay. There they discover three, seemingly unrelated murder victims and a case taking them from the seedier areas of their town to those of the most affluent, where hostility, greed, and jealousy seems to drive each of their suspects to act.