National Art ExhibitionThe Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda is holding its Biannual National Art Exhibit beginning February 18, 2022, and running through April 16, 2022. In connection with the exhibit, they will hold a special Evening of Poetry and Art on March 23 from 7-9 pm.

We are looking for poets to be a part of this evening, where the visual arts come together with poetry. To do so, submit a poem for consideration inspired by one of the works in the exhibit. Deadline for submission is March 15, 2022. Ten poems will be selected to be read by the poets that evening.

Details about how to submit poems and how the selection process works are included in the Call for POETRY Submissions.

We are hoping to get poets from all of SW Florida! In order to get the word to GCWA poets, perhaps you could post the attached Call for Poetry Submissions on the website, or include the information in a newsletter. I’d greatly appreciate it. It’s always a wonderful exhibit of art from all over the country, and the evening of poetry is always fun and exciting.

Any questions, please contact Dorothy Brooks at

Joe Pacheco on NPR

Dear Fellow Poets and Friends:

Santa was especially kind to me this Christmas. He brought me an entire hour of NPR Radio time so that I could recite and share my poetry with you and the wonderful WGCU listening audience.

Click the link below to see and listen to the broadcast page and audience.

Happy Holidays.
Joe Pacheco

KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope WoJo™ is happy to introduce the New Writers’ Launchpad
The Launchpad is the place where new, emerging women writers can experience having their work published on the Kaleidoscope WoJo™ website. This is a service Kaleidoscope offers to new writers to encourage the practice of submitting their work. Sometimes the hardest step for a new writer is getting beyond the place of self-criticism. Often that comes in the form of never actually sending their work out into the world. The Launchpad wants to be a place where you can grow your confidence by seeing your work published in a place where other writers gather.
For a nominal fee you can expect the following:
  • Your essay will be published on our website in the Launchpad section
  • We will publish your bio
  • If you have other social media accounts, we will link your published story to them
  • We will publish a picture of your smiling, serious or brooding face
  • If you would like feedback on the piece you send to us, we will provide
Kaleidoscope WoJo Team
Marianne, Deb and Tom

Please share this opportunity with your members & alumni to submit to The Moderate Review, a newly established online journal showcasing some of the hottest emerging literary talents. We invite your words and voices to the ongoing creative discussion.

The Moderate accepts creative text (fiction, poetry, screenplays), zeitgeisty essays, reviews, and interviews as well as visual art such as painting, sculpture, and photography. We especially seek work that interfaces with the current moment.

We are currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

Submissions should be sent as a word attachment to with “A Moderate Submission” in the subject line. There are no word limits, guidelines, or restrictions. However, all submissions must be original work and not previously published.

Critique Group Request



GCWA Contest Winners


GCWA 2021 Writing Contest Winners

Children’s Stories
1st — K.J. (Kathy) Boyd — Too Many Kids
2nd — Mariah Julio — Where is Everything?
3rd — Nancy Leake — Sammy Snail’s Wild Ride

1st — Vic Larson — Drafted
2nd — Carol Light — A Tough Nut to Crack
3rd — Pat McAnulty — The White Side of Aurora

1st — Jeanne Meeks — Ode to Otis
2nd — Geneva Kelly — Ready or Not
3rd — Alina Steele — Mrs. Murphy

1st — Jeannette Batko — Critique-Mystique
2nd — Maya Fleischmann — Patience Stillwater’s Sestina
3rd — Teresa Falsani — A Single Dolphin

Youth Category
Poetry — Christopher Kozlowski — Silencing the Star of David
Fiction — Samadhi Salazar — The Mother of All Natures
Nonfiction — Nishini Fernando — The Wicked Wall of Water