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At the November 2019 GCWA meeting, we asked what workshops people would like to attend.  The following are current requests for workshops.

  • How to write a Query Letter
  • How to beat Writer’s Bock
  • MS Word tools, tricks, and formatting
  • Fictional character development — adding dialogue, “show” vs. “tell”
  • Selling your book — marketing and publicity
  • Better Writing
  • Revision. Saying more with less. Rewriting your prose. Did you say that already?
  • Revision and rewriting your poetry. When in doubt leave it out.
  • How to conduct a successful oral presentation. Can you hear me? Yes?
  • Marketing one’s self as well as your new book. A Total Plan.
  • How to use the new technology on your cell phone, tablet and PC. Is this thing on?
  • Creating a good press kit, business cards, book marks, postcards for promotion. Say what?
  • Ways to get unstuck when you have writer’s block. Don’t give up yet.
  • Memoir Writing Workshop. You don’t have to tell your entire life.
  • Prompts for writing poetry. Getting started. Yes, you can write a good poem!”

We will list any workshops scheduled by GCWA here. Also keep checking events, which include workshops from various writers organizations.

Please COMMENT below if you would like to add your suggestions for workshops.

If you are willing to help run a workshop, please include that information in your comment.

5 Responses to “Submit ideas for workshops”

  1. John Day

    I am looking for feedback, marketing tips for a screenplay. Any locals doing coverage?

  2. Martha

    I think we need a speaker to address the subject of BETTER WRITING—end every sentence with a strong word (not the date!), every paragraph with a strong word, every chapter with a strong word. Make the reader WANT to continue reading. Delete repetitive, boring, and extra words. Explain run-on sentences. Don’t use cliches. Don’t try to write dialect unless you know how to do it correctly. Don’t keep using “he said,” “she said.” Write so that the reader will know who is speaking. Don’t overuse gerunds, and use adverbs sparingly. Show examples of these “rules,” not simply “tell” the members.

  3. Martha Jeffers

    What do we mean by “workshop”? Is this a day separate from our GCWA meetings? I could be wrong, but I think most members understand this to be part of the regular monthly program (a speaker), not a separate activity.

    • admin

      This is for workshops separate from GCWA meetings, but the ideas can also be used for speakers for monthly meetings.

  4. janis j nieman

    If you actually want someone to read your book, it all boils down to marketing! I think I managed to reach all of them from radio, TV, Women’s groups, public groups, churches, schools, outdoor events (not great when it rains) sitting in restaurants when owners allowed me to be there and show my book to diners (bookmarks), I managed to sell 500 books (contract) in less than a year and sure learned what works and what doesn’t. How to write a query letter to get those gigs.

    And it’s so true to know your market. I thought it would be people who used a groomer or groomers themselves. Nope it was women and men who wanted a gift for a loved one who had a pet, loved pets, or used a groomer.

    I can’t recall the last time we had a speaker deal with marketing…only in passing. She was the one who gave so many hints: wear red, wear comfortable shoes. do not sit down, go out to where the traffic is, bring a friend to guard the money or change pouch, and to be the person giving out the books and giving the writer the correct spelling of your name so you don’t ruin a book by misspelling it and can’t sell it to anyone else! how to pack your books, what events to avoid, everything! But don’t think this would be a workshop, more of a speaker sharing her knowledge.
    It’s amazing how even poorly written books manage to sell because of aggressive marketing.

    I will never forget when Jamaica Bay had a yard sale outdoors and one had to be in place by 6:00 a.m. Which means you arrive in the pitch dark, can’t locate the person in charge as to where you set up, it’s humid and as soon as you stack your books, the pages begin turning up, so you sit on them! And as you were attempting to find your spot to park, you nick another car.

    NO ONE IS THERE TO BUY A BOOK. They are there to find a bargain on a wrench , old radios, honey, etc. Find a place where you are the speaker and you will sell many more books! You have an audience who know you will be there and even though they might have come to just pass the time of day, you can draw them in when you suggest who might be someone they know that would love your book.

    So… workshop on marketing?
    Another thought is how to get a website that works and draws readers in, blogs, facebook, etc.


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