2010/10 — Richard Georgian

October 2010

Dear Members:

Tropical Depression 16 turned out to be a dud. I cancelled a golf outing and we didn’t get a drop of rain. I have another surprise, as of this writing we don’t have a guest speaker in our pocket for October. We might have a publisher, an accountant to explain tax issues for writers, a literary agent, a printer to discuss costs of printing advertising materials, or how about a licensed Mental Health Counselor. The last one is for me. But, don’t be discouraged we seem to pull something out of the hat each month.

Talking about pulling one out of the hat, if you missed Dr. Busbee, you lost an opportunity to hear something different and refreshing. He recited/sang the poems Caedmon’s Hymn and Beowulf in old English. His point was that earliest poetry was oral and belonged to everyone. The story had a musical quality that allowed everyone to remember the verse. With the written word, poetry became visual and physical; it became the property of the individual instead of the community.

You may want to check out the Florida Weekly. They have started advertising our writing contest. You might find that you have more outside competition this year, so start working on those masterpieces.

There are a few administrative items that need your attention. In November, a nominating committee needs to be in place. This requires two members in good standing to volunteer to serve. Please think about helping out. The procedures used are posted on our Website under “About Us,” “Policies and Procedures” attachment (1). It is also time to think about any corrections, changes, or additions to our by-laws that you may want to place before the membership in March. These should be forwarded to an Executive Board member before January.

And last: money, money, money, the Executive Board will be discussing the overall rate structure for dues and entry fees for fiscal year 2011 at the next meeting on October 11. If you have suggestions please submit soonest or attend the meeting at the Fairfield Inn, starting at 4:30 p.m.

Hope to see you all Saturday, October 16, for our next meeting, and keep on writing.

Richard Georgian

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