Virtual Conference

Learn from Six Best-Selling Authors!

Writer’s Digest University is pleased to present an exclusive online event for mystery & thriller writers! On March 26 and March 28, our 7th Annual Mystery & Thriller Virtual Conference will provide expert insights from SIX award-winning and best-selling authors on the finer points of how to write within the mystery and thriller genres. Spend the weekend learning techniques for honing your craft from six different published authors*, then (if you choose) pitch your novel via query letter to a literary agent specifically looking for material in the mystery or thriller genre. The agent will provide you with a personalized critique of your query – and maybe ask to see more.

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Humor-Writing Conference

From Robb Lightfoot, the director of ThinkingFunny21, at

thinking funny workshopOn April 3, 2021, starting at 9 am Pacific Time, we’ll be having a humor-writing and comedy workshop. Topic areas include sessions with experts in humor-columns & novels, comedic memoirs, stand-up, funny folk music, and how animators plan and execute stories. An agents and business-session ends the day at 4:30-5:30 pm. Earlybirds with a coupon code of “30-off” get a 30% discount off the $100 cost through March 31. The lineup is available at . Questions? Email

Growing Up – Lifespan Vol. 2

Submissions for Growing Up Lifespan Vol. 2 are now open. (They opened on January 14th 2021.)

Submissions will close 31st March 2021.

Through 2021 and into 2022, Pure Slush is planning a 12-volume anthology series, looking across the Lifespan.

This is a unique opportunity to contribute works that take characters across the arc of their whole life, whether prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction.

Or alternately, to create unlinked works and submit to one … or a few … or many … or all.

Wild Atlantic Writing Awards

We at ‘Ireland Writing Retreat’ are delighted to support you and other fellow writers worldwide by launching the third edition of our popular ‘Wild Atlantic Writing Awards’ (WAWA) competition, with 1,000 euro in total prize money.

Choosing Valentine’ Day weekend to launch this competition, we have chosen what we consider the most natural of themes – Love – with entries welcome in two separate categories: flash fiction and creative nonfiction.

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, May 2, 2021

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Virtual writing Retreat takes place over four weekends during march 6th to 28th 2021.

Among the many benefits of our new Virtual Writing Retreat, you:

  • will enjoy exclusive conversations with a total of 12 published international authors from places as diverse as Donegal, Berlin, Belfast, Paris, Tyrone, Transylvania, Dublin, Maryland, Edinburgh and Virginia.

  • benefit from expert critiques of over 8,000 words of your very own writing.

  • receive invaluable feedback on some of your own work-in-progress.

  • gain insights into writing in different genres, from crime and mystery to memoir, historical non-fiction, erotic literature, memoir, humor and children’s literature.

  • learn more about the technique and skills required for successful award-winning flash fiction.

  • acquire writing skills that could be applied to other specialised areas such as food writing, travel writing and arts and entertainment reviews.

  • understand how best to find a Literary Agent that specifically matches your needs, how to write that convincing all-important Query Letter and innovative strategies for promoting and selling your work.

These are practical workshops. An in-class assignment will be emailed by participants during the workshop to the tutor for critiquing. There will also be an assignment of not more than 500 words given during the workshop to be emailed the following day for personal feedback.

In addition, each participant in every workshop has the opportunity to send in advance a piece of writing (maximum 1,000 words) from a work-in-progress and receive critique and personal feedback in writing.

All workshops will be delivered via Zoom. Only a limited number of 10 participants will be accepted for each weekend.

Tim Jordan Releases New Novel

Tim Jordan’s new science fiction novel, GLOW, was published by Angry Robot, a UK publisher but available worldwide on February 23, 2021. It is distributed and available from Penguine Randomhouse, Amazon, Waterstones (UK) and Barnes and Noble (online and locally).

“Reminiscent of the best space opera mixed with the gritty, violent dystopia of cyberpunk. Recommended for fans of Alastair Reynolds and William Gibson.”
– Booklist

“Dynamic prose, cutting-edge science, and thoughtful ruminations on the future of our species – Tim Jordan’s Glow is a terrific read from a major new voice. A first-rate novel; I was enthralled.”
– Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of The Oppenheimer Alternative

“A deftly written debut jewel of cyberpunk; an ode to transcendent humanity. With the immortal angst of Altered Carbon, Glow heralds a capable new voice in the genre.”

– Terry Madden, Award-winning author of the Three Wells of the Sea series

Jordan, Tim — Glow

by Tim Jordan

A man battles his addiction to a devastating nanotech drug that steals identities and threatens the survival and succession of mankind as a galactic species.

After the Nova-Insanity shattered Earth’s civilization, the Genes and Fullerenes Corporation promised to bring humanity back from the brink. Many years later, various factions have formed, challenging their savior and vying for a share of power and control.

Glow follows the lives of three very different beings, all wrestling mental instability in various forms; Rex – a confused junkie battling multiple voices in his head; Ellayna – the founder of the GFC living on an orbital satellite station and struggling with paranoia; and Jett – a virtually unstoppable robotic assassin, questioning his purpose of creation.

All of them are inextricably linked through the capricious and volatile Glow; an all controlling nano-tech drug that has the ability to live on through multiple hosts, cutting and pasting memories and personas in each new victim.

In this tech-crazed world where nothing seems impossible, many questions are posed: what makes us who we are? What is our ultimate purpose and place in this world? And, most frightening of all, what are we capable of doing to survive?

Publisher’s site for GLOW

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