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Jennifer FitzGerald

Jennifer helps her clients learn how to get the word out about their books, which ultimately causes more sales. She began presenting these tidbits at our monthly meeting in September 2015, and then posting them to the next issue of Word Song our newsmagazine. Stay tuned for more.

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  • Pinterest – July 2016

    Pinterest for authors? With most of what we do being in written word, you might think using a social platform that is based on images may not [...]
  • Twitter for Authors

    What is a tweat? We hear a lot about Facebook, but what about the other four recommended platforms. Twitter is one of those, and just like [...]
  • March 2016

    This month I have to rehash old business. Last year I told you how to get a searched link out for marketing to show Amazon that lots of people [...]
  • February 2016

    GoodReads reviews Since Amazon owns GoodReads, the reviews on there hold quite a bit of weight with the eBook selling giant. To get reviews [...]
  • January 2016

    To hashtag or not to hashtag... This past year, the hash-tag became more popular and migrated from just Twitter to many other social [...]
  • November

    Everyone knows to pass out their link to Amazon to sell more books, although did you know that simply giving the root link isn't enough? The [...]
  • September

    Traditional publishers and agents expect a full platform typically, before they even look at an author. Don't you suppose, even if you are an [...]

5 Responses to “Marketing Maven”

  1. Hunter Leake

    Please forward the list of social media sites that should be included in an author’s platform.

  2. Fred A. Brede

    Author Fred A. Brede announces a writing contest for
    Fictional Romantic writers. For more information contact
    Fred A, Brede

    Destiny Whispers Publishing, LLC
    is proud to host the 2016
    “Extraordinary Moment” – Creative Writing Contest
    Fictional Romance Novella / 10,000 — 40,000 words
    CONTEST ENTRY DATES: January 1st, 2016 to July 4th, 2016
    Winners will be announced on August 1st, 2016

    • Janis Ehlers

      I represent The Carlisle Naples, a retirement community in North Naples and handle the community’s public relations. The Carlisle Naples is planning a book fair Sept. 14 and would like to showcase some local authors who would be willing to speak about their book as well as sell books. When I found your association’s website, I thought you may be a resource for us to use to invite some authors. The general public would be invited as well as the community’s residents.

      We are also seeking a speaker for the event who would talk about memoir writing or getting started in journaling. Could we talk? I’ll better explain the event plans.


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