March 2016

This month I have to rehash old business. Last year I told you how to get a searched link out for marketing to show Amazon that lots of people were searching for your book. As is the norm on the internet though, things are always evolving.

Amazon quickly got wise to this tactic and added a tiny bit of information to each search that now prevents this from being a useful tactic. There is actually a time stamp within the link now.

So! Long and short of it. Back to using the original link they provide you in your KDP account. It look like this Everything past the capital letters in the link is all excess and can be deleted.

If you took my advice and went and got a shortened link from bitly or another service, you can simply go change the link there and all your marketing is still intact with the new updated link.

One Response to “March 2016”

  1. Susan Thornburg

    Hey Jennifer: I could use some advice BIG TIME! I have followed your advice and developed an “e-presence”. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – check! WordPress blog – check! you can find it at
    My book is published by Strategic Book Publishers & Rights Agency, LLC. That’s who hosts my author website.
    Incidentally, your book on designing e-book covers enabled me to design the cover.
    Also, I have been ill with several eye surgeries and endoscopies over the past few months and I believe I owe my dues. Let me know. I’ll be at the 5/21 meeting and will get this item covered. I totally appreciate you. Thanks, Sue


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