Vic Larson

Vic Larson

Ask me what I DO and I’ll tell you I’m retired. Ask me what I AM and I’ll say that I’m a writer. I’ve been writing either professionally or as a hobby since college at the University of Illinois where I wrote for the school newspaper. If I could do it all over again I’d pursue a degree in Communications or Journalism.  When I became a writer, and then manager, of a Corporate Writing Services department in the Chicago area I joked when interviewing potential employees that I wouldn’t give myself my old job back with my degree in Medical Technology. As I told my wife the day I got my writing position, “I think I just ruined a perfectly good hobby.” And indeed, writing from nine to five is a job like any other. But I fully understood how difficult it is to make a living as a freelancer or novelist.

After twenty-seven years I left that job and moved to Port Charlotte Florida.  I now write daily, developing posts for two of my own blogs. I also post frequent movie reviews to a third site. I am Webmaster for the Port Charlotte Garden Club and Outreach For World Hope, a non-profit that rescues starving Guatemalan children. I enter contests, write reviews for new or favorite local businesses, and currently have a piece being considered for a podcast at Walt Disney World Magazine. Other than that, I live on a steady diet of rejections and M&Ms. You can find my writing at, and movie reviews at

Christie Zarria

Christie Zarria

I’m a native Texan who got to Florida as soon as I could – about eight years ago. My life in Texas centered around my true love from high school, to whom I’ve been married for nearly 50 years, our five amazing children and 14 spectacular grandblessings. Outside of family, I was an executive assistant for the CEO of the largest medical malpractice insurer in Texas for over twenty years. My spousal unit and I are avid travelers who have been to Turkey, China, Italy, India, and most of the Caribbean, Central, and South America. I also enjoy sewing, playing my new grand piano, and cooking for and entertaining the steady stream of family and friends that come to see us at what is fondly referred to as the “Zarria B&B!”

I love to write about family, travel, personal experiences, and occasional philosophic reflections, although my secret wish is to do a historical novel of some sort. To date, my only claim to published fame is a third-grade poem which made the PTA newsletter and an anecdote that was submitted to and published in Readers Digest in the early 80’s.  I hope to hone my writing skills by hanging around the amazing group of fellow writers in the GCWA and absorbing all I can from the wealth of talent and experience here. I’m honored to be part of this group.




Wilson Hawthorne

Wilson Hawthorne


Wilson received an BA in English Writing from the University of Georgia in 1983 and has been writing ever since. He has published countless magazine and newspaper articles, seven novels, and written hundreds of ads and television projects. Other works include annual reports, social media writing, web copy, instruction manuals, screenplays, and corporate communications. Wilson has also spent 30+ years working in all aspects of television and film production creating documentaries, corporate videos, and TV commercials. He currently serves as Project Manager at American Business Writers, coordinating the writing projects.




Andrew Conlyn

Andrew Conlyn

From his earliest years in rural Virginia, Andrew loved nature. From crawfish to thunderstorms, he marveled at the creativity on display wherever the influence of man was not overpowering. Growing up, he invented stories to entertain friends. He went on to explore the limits of photography. He created a style he named ‘natural surrealism’ by taking photos of real objects in a way that expressed hidden extra-ordinary characteristics. He reworked photographic processes to expand and distort what the lens actually saw. Exploring furniture making, he designed and manufactured pieces such as a cantilevered wooden aquarium that seemed to defy gravity. Turning to larger works, he became an architect and created the firm Associates in Architecture. His other creations include two beautiful children and a fabulous relationship with his wife, Vivian. Naturally, he entertained his children with fantasies based on reality and now has made those stories available to all children.

Today he sees nature under siege, and a people not recognizing the jeopardy we have put upon ourselves. His debut novel The Venus Prophecy published May 2020, in the emerging genre of cli-fi uses a blend of science fiction and drama to illustrate our peril. He hopes people worldwide will see what is happening in time to prevent his fictional catastrophe on Venus from becoming reality on Earth.

He is joining others in fighting for a healthy atmosphere and a clean environment.

Andrew’s books


Kristine Wruk aka Kristine Taylor

Kristine Wruk

Born in Beloit, Wisconsin, Kristine Taylor was raised in north central Illinois. She was an avid reader from an early age. She attended the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa, where she was an English major. Taylor is a member of several writing organizations including Southwest Florida Romance Writers, Naples Writers Forum, Marco Island Writers, and Gulf Coast Writers. She is currently writing an inspirational romance novel. She now resides on Marco Island, Florida.


Kristine has contributed stories and poems to the following anthologies:
SW Florida Stories and Poems Volume II by Pauline Hayton (Editor) – November 3, 2015
Marco Island Writers: Stories and Poems Volume III – October 22, 2016
by Marco Island Writers Inc., Marco Island | Oct 22, 2016
Marco Island Writers Stories and Poems Volume IV – October 27, 2017
by Marco Island Writers
Marco Island Writers’ Poetry, Short Stories and Essays Volume V
by Marco Island Writers Inc. September 1, 2019
From Florida With Love: Sunrise and Stormy Skies – October 16, 2016
by Sonja Gunter, Patricia Campbell, et al.
From Florida With Love: Moonlight & Steamy Nights – April 29, 2018
by Sonja Gunter, Kristine Taylor, et al.


Susan Grunin

Dr. Susan K. Grunin is a retired college professor, who taught for over 2 decades for the University of Virginia (UVA) and a number of other colleges and universities. Dr. Grunin also authored a text book for the University of Virginia Graduate School. She is a retired Executive who has been an Executive Coach, a CEO, a Human Capital Consultant and who also worked for the Federal Government, where she served in various positions for the Federal Courts, including over 20 years as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer.

Susan is currently a member of the Gulf Coast Writers Association of SW Florida and is writing a series of children’s books, Life Lessons and Tales of Little MisFit. Book 1 of Little MisFit – Lesson 1:  Life Isn’t Always What It Seems, is the first in a series of seven books and published by a London publisher May, 2020. In addition to writing books, Dr. Grunin also is an artist and paints oil paintings. In 2019, she was invited to attend a Monet Painters School in Giverny France. Pictures of her paintings and photography and can be found on her company (SKG Creations, LLC) website: or at  or at  This latter website hosted the 2019 Fort Myers Art Poems work of 12 local artists and 12 local poets. Two of Dr. Grunin’s paintings were included in the publication and also were on exhibit at the Fort Myers Art League in 2019. She has been invited back to participate in the 2020 Art Poems Forum.

Susan and her husband, Howard, have two grown sons, Jason and Justin. Susan and Howard now reside full-time in Naples, FL with their Shiba Inu, Kona.

Susan’s books

Carol Kennedy


Dr. Carol Kennedy has over three decades experience teaching, consulting, writing, and speaking to varied audiences. She transforms a God-Whisper into a seminar or book laced with knowledge, humor and inspiration. Popular seminars: “How is the Word Like Chocolate?” “Raising Readers and Thinkers,” and “What’s Your Monster?”

Need an inspirational speaker? Please visit

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Nancy Daversa

Nancy Daversa

Nancy Bialy Daversa is a Poet Laureate, who lives part-time in Pennsylvania and winters on Sanibel Island. A teacher who has taught at Rosemont College, Widener University, Big Arts on Sanibel and is currently teaching at Immaculata University. When not teaching she have worked  as a consultant for media productions, executive television producer, co-wrote a soap opera for television, published author, scriptwriter, editor and has now developed a new way to teach writing by using pattern pieces, which are packaged like sewing or wood working patterns.

Her degrees are in English, Behavioral Science, Sociology, and Paralegal Studies specializing in Elder Law.

Nancy worked as a Criminal Clerk and Assistant to a Judge dealing with all types of criminal cases, even working on-call in the middle of the night.



Craig Handel

For more than 40 years, Craig Handel has written for newspapers in Wisconsin, Arizona, California, Massachusetts and Florida, with his stories being picked up by newspapers in the United States and beyond. He has covered the highest level of college sports while tracking local athletes in high school, college and the pros. Recently, he has gotten to know Collier and Lee County community leaders through stories on various aspects of health, philanthropy and community service. After taking a buyout with The News-Press after 20 years, Craig started his own business – Handel on Writing. He helps people craft personalized stories for their websites. Besides writing freelance stories for Shell Point Magazine, Craig also coaches writers and is working on a couple of book ideas. In his latest project, he is working with founder Wilson Hawthorne on developing ‘American Business Writers’. The idea is to provide concierge writing services and making writing more concise so businesses can improve their message, which can help them make more money. Craig can be reached at