President’s Annual Letter. 2011-2012

April 2012

It is traditional over these past sixteen years for your elected president to address you at the end of our fiscal year with an annual letter. This President of GCWA’s Executive Committee will follow this custom accordingly.

First of all, thank you for allowing me to serve in this capacity since March of 2011. Our membership has grown this past year and whatever success the organization currently enjoys can be attributed to the dedication and enthusiasm of you the members, with a gentle fine tuning and attention from your Corporate Board and Executive Committee.

I would like to think that the various monthly programs presented by a variety of speakers, on an equal variety of subjects relating to writing skills, has helped us to maintain and increase the organization’s viability in Southwest Florida. Our numbers as of this March exceed 170, but as always will become adjusted during the next couple of months as last minute dues are caught up. Attendance at the February meeting was 97, I believe, an all time high. So thank you all for helping to continue the progress and good fortune; old members from these past 16 seasons and new ones just arriving.

During today’s annual meeting, there will be a number of retirements (temporary we hope) from both the Corporate Board and Executive Committees followed by the election of their replacements. Martha Jeffers will step down from her post as President of the Corporate Board. From the Executive Committee; Larry Stiles, Treasurer, Carol Drummond, Secretary, John Repa, Programming and Becky Elam, Membership will be succeeded in elections today after serving multiple terms in their capacities. On behalf of GCW A and this president, I thank each of them for their dedication during the years served. Personally I will miss their guidance; rest assured their email addresses and phone numbers will be close at hand.

A check list of this past year’s major activities is contained in today’s written program along with the budget.

Lastly, a year ago I felt trepidation as I followed in Richard Georgian’s large shoes. Now I’ve made it through and whether a second year is in the works is up to you the membership. I have enjoyed this opportunity each month and it’s been an enjoyable trip for me so far; I hope the membership feels the same.


Tom Nelson.

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