Marty Leake

MartyLeake1After 27 years in law enforcement I have down sized from the large home, the kids are on their own, the dog died and I have survived to live among my fellow retirees. So, after years of detailed planning and scheduling of life events, I’ve embarked upon a journey as an aspiring writing, blogger, and photographer of my nomadic outdoor adventures and discoveries. I post daily blogs & photographic details of my new retirement lifestyle for my children and hopefully provide them something to strive for in their’er professional lives. I’m currently comprising short stories of fiction for the world to read.

My current lifestyle is like my childhood, when I would play in my backyard all day, stopping only to eat and occasionally go to the bathroom. Now, I live a similar lifestyle, except I take my lunch and I just have to search for a bathroom, except when I’m at the beach.

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