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  • Recapturing Youth, by Geneva Kelly

    Recapturing Youth By: Geneva Kelly 6-2014    (WC 772) The pressures of adulthood can make things seem so serious.  With work, kids, crazy [...]

  • One Thing by Geneva Kelly

    One Thing… By: Geneva Kelly     As a follow up to a previous article, and my usual quest to examine the differences between men and women, I [...]


    THE DIRTY WORDS By Russ Miller (734 words)   Have you noticed the foul language of this present generation? Even movie scripts are rife with [...]

  • What makes a good writer?

    What makes a good writer? Geneva Kelly Are you a writer, or insane enough to love one? Suppose you had the chance to sit down with one of your [...]

  • My Archive – by Gary McLouth

    My Archive by Gary McLouth The den, euphemistically called “the office,” is walling in on the 7 X 3.5 ft. mahogany writing table. Book [...]