The 15 Minute Guide to Parenting
by Carol S. Kennedy


This is a self-help, hands-on Christian Workbook. It may be used as a companion to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PARENTING FROM A TO Z SO HELP ME GOD, also by Dr. Carol Kennedy. Or, it can easily be used as a resource for individuals or families as a stand alone tool. This workbook is a catalyst for discussion and application for families. Choose one topic at a time and apply it to your own situation. Have fun with this guide!

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Dahl — Giddy as Charged

Giddy as Charged: The Happy Manual

by Mary Clista Dahl

Giddy as Charged
A quick and entertaining read that takes you from learning about humor to rediscovering yours through insightful passages, amusing anecdotes and self-examination. This self-help book is a must read for all adults; everyone needs an occasional humor boost. Complete with a workout, list of humor barriers and personal assessment, this volume offers general tips and initiates self discovery. Enjoy for yourself or pass off anonymously to the grumpy people in your life.

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Reluctant Mystic
by J.E. Marksteiner


This is an internal journal of a curious woman sharing her experiences and her beliefs with her readers. She has learned about herself and about life as a person who cares about reality, is willing to jump into an experience to give it a try, and attempts to make sense of it for her own growth. [more]

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The Grief Monster Hardcover – Illustrated
by Dr. Carol Kennedy (Author), Kellee Riley (Illustrator)


THE GRIEF MONSTER is a compelling story with exceptional illustrations to match! This hard cover book captures the author’s grief journey, upon the sudden death of her sister. Initially, the monster is huge, ugly and scary; but in time Dr. Carol survives, placing her heart and trust in God. [more]

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