Rad Hair Day
by Doug MacGregor

Rad Hair Day, is a 52-page book that will capture a child’s heart with a sense of wonder and purpose. Imaginatively illustrated, Rad Hair Day is a tall tale about the care for hair and a cause to share. It is dedicated to children struggling with special challenges that result in long-term medical hair loss. [more]

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Abney — My Bigfoot

My Bigfoot: Belle of the Glades Book #2
by Cheryl Abney
Illustrator David Abney

Eavesdrop on what reviewers are saying: This is a beautifully written story for young people, boys or girls. It will hold their interest from cover to cover and have them wanting more….Once again the author has captured the flavor and history of this area of Florida. Her extensive research shines through. This book leaves the reader eagerly anticipating the next story.”
– Linda Bennett [more]

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The Lives of Riley
by Denise McCoy

Riley is a curious cat. He is confused when his owner sends him to a new home. His misadventures get him into some tight spots, and when a new cat joins the family, the fun begins. They play tricks on each other and make terrible messes. In spite of it all, Riley stays curious. Everyone loves Riley. Read about his favorite places and pastimes. You will love him too.

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Holbrook — Doors

by Denise Holbrook
Illustrator Genevieve Stotler

Doors, doors, doors–here, there, and everywhere! What’s behind each one? God can be found behind every door, but you must know where to look. In this charming book, you’ll find God while playing dress-up in the attic, shopping for groceries, playing at a friend’s house, riding in a car, and behind more of the many doors you go through every day! Have fun opening Doors to your Heavenly Father. This is an eLIVE book, meaning each printed copy contains a special code redeemable for the free download of the audio version of the book.

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4 Fairies in the Land of Nothing
by Carla Webb
Illustrator Christine Flores

Katie, an adorable five year old, has just lost her first tooth. She is upset over losing her tooth so she tries to glue it back in place. Her cat, Bully-wooly, is in shock to see her with the glue. Fortunately, Mom takes control of this situation and tells Katie and Bully-wooly the story of how ordinary fairies become the Tooth Fairies. In this fairy tale Princess Bellarose, along with three other fairies find themselves in the Land of Nothing. They must break the spell put on this land or face a certain death.

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You’re a CrocaGator
By Kenny Rager
Illustrated by Patti Brassard Jefferson

You’re a CrocaGator, first featured in the author’s recent poetry collection Reflections of a Life in Poetry, is now a beautifully and cleverly illustrated picture book. The storyline follows the problems that arise when a crocodile and an alligator fall in love and form a mixed family. Family members of all ages will enjoy the combination of gentle humor and lively characters used to present a sensitive topic. [more]


Howard — Applesauce

by Diana Howard
Illustrated by Michael Morrow

“Applesauce” is the story of an apple named Jonathan. Author Diana Howard and Illustrator Michael Morrow have taken a simple fruit and given to it the feelings of a small child. As you get to know Jonathan, you will grow to love him and the charming message of his story. You will never look at an apple the same way again.

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